Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Head Above The Rest - Amazon Eve Models Fashion

Style is all about the one-of-a-kind. Within the fashion world, "couture" models are designed to be one-of-a-kind. Fashion models have not always been one-of-a-kind. The one-of-a-kind model Amazon Eve is just starting to bring the unusual back. Amazon Eve is a 6'8? model and dominatrix who's making a splash with her "plus-sized" body.
Background of Amazon Eve
The woman known as Amazon Eve is a fitness trainer, dominatrix and model in the United States. Several say that she is the "World's Tallest Model." Guinness has yet to verify that though. The first major modeling gig Amazon Eve got was in November 2009 after growing up in CA. She was on the cover of "Zoo Weekly" for that job. Amazon Eve was a personal trainer and dominatrix before her modeling career while men paid to wrestle with her $400 an hour. The Daily Mail has published some pictures of Amazon Eve.
Amazon Eve's figures
There are several reasons why Amazon Eve is uncommon. First, her 6'8" height puts her head and shoulders above the average 5'6" to 5'10" height of female models. A size 12 to 14 in dress is what Amazon Eve wears. Technically, that makes her a "plus size" model. Fashion models have serious problems as the average fashion model will wear between 0 and 4. Amazon Eve is six inches taller than Ann Ward, the winner of last season's "America's Next Top Model," though she is also about five sizes larger. A size 14 is what Amazon Eve wears in shoes also. That is 2 to 4 sizes more than show stores offer the majority of the time.
Legally "disabled" is Amazon Eve
There's an issue that several tall individuals like Amazon Eve encounter even though several like the idea of being tall. Since several exit signs are hung too low and there can be doorways in new buildings that are short which is why really tall individuals are regarded as "disabled" as outlined by the Americans With Disabilities Act. You will find more individuals noticing the extremes in sizes that are happening. Many hope this means there could be some kind of way to fix the problem.
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

A College Of Fashion To Become A Successful Designer

Your dream to become a successful designer in the field of glamour can be fulfilled if you have dedication, desire to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and have got admission to the best college of fashion. Most fashionable youngsters think that fashion is something that you feel, touch and wear.

They are 100% right with their points of view. But being a designer your views for fashion need to be innovative. Developing new creative ideas and presenting your ideas as a sketch and then into a real shape are something that you need to do. And to develop creative thoughts, it is necessary to take admission to a well-reputed fashion college. This is what all leading designers from all across the world have done


The glamour world offers wide varieties of courses to choose from. You are free to choose a diploma program or a graduate degree or a masters degree. Not just that; you get specialty in the field you would like to such as a diploma program in dress design, jewellery design or textile design.
Before getting admission to any course of a reputed school of glamour, you have to pass common admission test and an interview. This is the only way to enter in a reputed college for fashion. The aim to conduct a test for admission is to admit those who are keen to make a career in the glamour industry and to get rid of an unnecessary crowd who want to get admission to pass the time.

According to education experts, Its better to join full time courses and a graduate program if you are serious about your career in the glamour industry. To get success in the industry, you dont need to leave any stone unturned.

With this message education experts want to tell all youngsters that the glamour industry is filled with lots of challenges. You have to be unique to make your recognition in the field. And uniqueness comes when you have in-depth knowledge of your study materials. Remember, partial knowledge is a dangerous thing. It is a full time graduation program in fashion helps you much to be an innovative designer.

For example, if you want to be a fashion designer, you are offered Fashion Design BBA/BSC 3-year full degree program. It involves extensive study materials such as fashion and production management, garment construction, embroidery & basic design, textile science, apparel design analysis and garment management tools. Apart from that, you get several chances to prove yourself as an innovative designer in form of organizing fashion events in the college premises where the chief guests are leading designers to judge your skills.

A 1-year diploma in designing can hardly give such opportunities and knowledge. So, you are requested to join a full time course in fashion to prepare yourself for tough competitions in the glamour world.

The eligibility for a graduate degree is 10+2 with at least 50% marks. Whether you are arts, science or commerce student, you are free to apply for courses in fashion designing. So, prepare yourself to enter into the glamour world.
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