Friday, March 20, 2009

Bridal Sarees And Wedding Sarees Fashion

The sari is a popular eastern fashion. It is mostly common in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Nepal and Singapore. It looks fantastic on every girl that is why today we have many styles in saris especially bridal sarees and wedding sarees fashion. No matter what the occasion is, girls want to choose a sari to wear. The sari is an older traditional dress currently a wedding fashion trend. Women augment their saris with dupatta as well as shalwar kameez.


A wedding sari color is traditionally red. Its made from tissue, silk, stein, net lace, banarsi, velvet, Resham, Georgette etc. Saris are available in market from a few thousand to lacks of rupee. Wedding saris have heavy weight because they have lots of embroidery work like mirror work, cut Dana, Goat Patti, zari, zardozi, pearl work, kundan, beats work and machine embroidery.

Now we have some latest fashion style information about bridal sarees and wedding sarees which is not only for a bride but it's also for those who want to wear stylish designer saris in weddings.


If you are a bride, try to wear dark red. If you think it is common for the bride and want to wear different colors then choose red with blue, golden, maroon, purple, and attractive pink. Try to match your sari color with bride sofa or stage and arrange stage which matches from bride dress which gives the bride a pretty perfect camera look. If you are with bride or you are a guest then try to wear these colors golden, magenta, blue, green, etc and if you are a brides friend or family member then wear a color which matches with bride dress.


The bride should wear a sari design in a heavy border. Need some change? Then try tissue fabric and mirror work and machine embroidery, lace with golden on red with viscose fabric for wedding and machine work on faux georgette with red and maroon gives your bride an awesome beautiful look. For those who are with bride and in family, embroidery patch work on maroon or brown are done well, and cut Dana work with banarsi, and zari work, net pallu, resham work on red net are awesome choices for brides family girls.


Gujarati saris are a cultural icon. The bride should wear saris in lehenga style which gives the bride a perfect look and she feels comfortable too.
If you wear light design in your wedding then wear heavy jewelry to complement it.
Do not wear a sari Pallu on head, wear a matching dupatta.
Make Jura or Swiss roll if you want to look simple but if you want to look trendier then make choti and wear gajra on it with paranda.
Use heels on sari
Wear a heavy necklace if you have a long neck in blouse avoid wearing extra heavy jewelry, if you have an extra heavy sari keep balanced.

This article will help you to choose your wedding style and you will feel like a princess. Theres a vast array of wedding sarees and bridal sarees available so you should always find exactly what you are looking for or look elsewhere until your needs are met. So, keep yourself up to date and always think I am pretty beautiful.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Black Dresses Fashion Couture

Couture is guided by Dior, but little by little they are adding other names: Cristobal Balenciaga and Chanel line jacket or suit jacket and rimmed. Look onto fancy black dresses!

Celebritys statement

Women's black dresses fashion is marked by actresses like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Loren, not to mention the appearance of the bikini in the late 1940's. Surge in U.S. and two-piece, and became popular in Europe a few years later by Hollywood actresses like Brigitte Bardot. Young people begin to wear leather lumps and James Dean jeans or cotton shirts to Marlon Brando. Italy enters into the fashion industry, with the help of Emilio Pucci and his collection suitable for any time point.

The 1960 and 1970

The arrival of the 1960 is the near disappearance of haute couture to the flood of new black dress ideas and the triumph of ready-to-wear. It is also the time of the rise of young fashion and the rise of the miniskirt. Created in 1964 by the British designer and seamstress Mary Quant, saw the great youth revolution of the decade, which starts from a London modern and boiling. The men wear shirts, jeans, bell bottoms, leather jackets and trench coats, and the classic suit is renewed.

From that moment is imposed hippie style, the ant fashion, jeans, unisex trend, mini and maxi, fashion space, the Paco Rabanne metal dresses, hair color, t-shirts with a message. Fashion reflects the historical moment of social boiling was these two decades.
In the last years of the 1970s, sport and music mark clothing. The disco and punk rock is strongly influenced by black dresses fashion and aesthetics, which are already preparing for the change in the 1980s.

The 1980 and 1990

The start of the 1980 is the arrival of the yuppie, the prototype of the new winner, dress by Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace day night, and that has its counterpart in the executive woman. Then, it is the resurgence of haute couture, from the hand of Christian Lacroix and Karl Lagerfeld. From this moment becomes a fashion show with designers and top models showmen modeled after the Barbie doll. Flyers, gold mixed with black and bright colors, sequins. Thus, this is how many large chains of cheap clothing appear.

During the 1990's black dresses style imposes youth sports and casual attires. Then, the hippie, recycling, craft styles appear, too. It is not only black but also details in red, silver, purpose, etc. this is how we move onto the grunge, new style / anti-style, where the torn jeans and display vanishes.
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