Saturday, May 29, 2010

Keep Your Baby Fashionable With Crochet Headbands

Headbands have served their purpose as a clothing accessory ever since the Greek and Roman periods. Back then, they took the form of hair wreaths and were worn during special occasions. By the early 20th century, they became even more popular for their health benefits. It was a common belief among people of the time that tight pressure around the forehead helped prevent headaches and relieve pain. But with the evolution of fashion, that significance was soon overshadowed by style, as headwear has become more embellished, incorporating exotic fabrics and lace and ribbon accents, with small rosettes, feathers and gem decors. Their popularity peaked in the 1920s and a century later, they remain to be widely used, and even innovated with more elastic versions in the form of crochet headbands.

Now, these head pieces are usually made out of horseshoe-shaped materials (either plastic or metal) to give it a stable form. It is covered by textile, so that it can be more comfortable and attractive to wear. Some of them are toothed to ensure that they can hold hair in place. However, given the suppleness of a childs head, this conventional structure is discouraged in favour of softer counterparts. Hence, baby headbands are usually created out of cotton and ribbon yarns.

Its easy to find one online available for purchase. But it would be more sentimental to make your babys first crochet headband yourself. Apart from the convenience of being able to personalize it according to your preference and your babys comfort, you also get to save on costs. This is an attractive prospect considering the financial demands of motherhood. To get started, you should secure scissors, a soft lightweight yarn, a crochet hook, an elastic base and a tape measure.

The first step would be to measure the head so you know how long you have to make the baby headbands. Then, you should decide on how wide it would be an inch or two would suffice. Next, chain five to nine stitches together a single crochet on the first and second, and then a double crochet on the next two chains; switching back to single and double alternately until the first chain is finished.

Afterwards, work with the same pattern to the end of the row until you reach the intended length. For more thickness, you can make another crochet headband using the same technique and then stack both finished products so you can stitch them together on the edges. You can then glue or hem some lace, ribbon or sequins on the final output to give it that feminine touch. If you are making one for a boy, you can put together crochet bugs and animals as ornaments instead.

It seems like a worthwhile endeavour. But, if you are not experienced in do-it-yourself projects, then you could just rely on retailed crochet headbands. You just have to be extra conscious about what you pick, to avoid getting something that might irritate your childs skin. You can choose those made out of cotton, acrylic and bamboo to be safe. If there is wool, you can have that as an alternative. However, you should keep an eye out for allergic reactions and make sure to pass up the super wash kinds of clothing, because they can be dowsed with chemicals.
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kate's Fashion In Full Effect

Kate always be a fashion forerunner for many fashion lovers , we follow her fashion , a lifestyle fashion with less money but fascinating looking . in her fashion concept . fashion has nothing to do with luxuryhogan 2012, with the vast spending of money . be comfortable ,that is alright .

For more news related with Kate's fashion and fashion concept , we can log on thehogan ufficiale outletFashion's royal affair with Kate just keeps burning brighter.

Ever since Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wasscarpe hogan outletcrowned a member of the British royal family last year, she has captivated style watchers around the world who covet her understated and always wholly appropriate look.

Last week she topped Vanity Fair's international best dressed list and is set to grace the cover of the magazine's September issue.

Then there are the London Olympics, which have given the fashion media reason to rejoice as they track the duchess's outfits day by day.

Whether stepping out in a new blue Stella McCartney shift or recycling a dove grey Roksanda Ilincic dress at a recent glitzy London gala, Kate's latest looks always cause a minor frenzy for those who follow her choices label by label, accessory by accessory, scrutinizing the details down to whether it's the first time she's worn the outfit, or the fifth.

Those in the fashion industry call it the "Kate Effect." So influential are her fashion choices that what she wears can dictate trends and what sells out on the floor of retailers.

"She's now become the iconic woman of style," says Barbara Atkin, Holt Renfrew's vice-president of fashion direction.

"She's very consistent about who she is, which is probably the most infectious thing about Kate. The fact that yes, she might be royalty, but she's very inclusive of the people around her and I think that's the most wonderful aspect of who she is and why she so represents a strong woman of the 21st century."
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Juniors Fashion Clothing Basics How To Make A Great Wardrobe

Just like a building, a juniors fashion clothing wardrobe is only as good as its foundation. Trends rely on basics like juniors pants and tops for support, so putting together a strong arsenal of bottoms and shirts for girls can do wonders for your look. Here are the juniors fashion clothing you need to get the perfect basic wardrobe.

Pants: Juniors pants are key to showing off fun tops. Choose a few pairs from juniors fashion clothing lines that are figure-flattering and basic. Juniors fashion clothing is often embellished, but look for at least a few juniors pants at are just good, solid pants.

One basic form of juniors pants is the black pant. Pick a few durable pairs in the juniors pants section; boot-cut or slightly flared are the most universally flattering. Make sure that any pockets are placed well and that the juniors pants arent too tight.

Another basic form of juniors pants is the pinstripe pant. This juniors fashion clothing must is great for corporate or semi-formal functions, and the vertical stripes look great on everyone. Look in the juniors pants section for a pair that is long enough to wear with heels.

Wear the Trend: These essential juniors pants can make crazy, on-trend shirts for girls wearable. For example, juniors fashion clothing brands are offering metallic, shiny shirts for girls this season. These only work with a very basic pair of juniors pants. And with a pair of black juniors pants that fit well, the juniors fashion clothing outfit reaches a new level.

Another example is for in-office trends, like fun, fluttery shirts for girls. A pair of pinstripe pants pulls the look together, especially when paired with a juniors fashion clothing blazer. With anything fancier on the bottom, the cute shirt for girls can end up looking fussy.

Tops: Juniors fashion clothing has a myriad of shirts for girls available. To build a great wardrobe, you have to find shirts for girls that look great even with the trendiest bottoms. Make sure you have white, black, and neutral shirts for girls in your closet. A few well-fitted button-down shirts for girls in solid colors are also a must.

You also want to have a few shirts for girls with some personality. Look for shirts for girls in jewel tones or with small prints (like animal prints) in the juniors fashion clothing section; these can serve as basics when a juniors fashion clothing trend centers around texture rather than color. Make sure that your shirts for girls are not too tight or low-cut, since these are basics, not club attire.

Sweater shirts for girls are also great because they offer more coverage but still look fabulous with juniors fashion clothing trends. Go for sweater shirts for girls in black, white and a few jewel tones.

Wear the Trend: Pair your basic shirts for girls with even the wildest trends for a fashion-forward, put together look. A juniors fashion clothing trend right now is wildly patterned tights, and brightly colored skirts are also in. Anything other than basic shirts for girls look silly with those bold bottoms.

Yet another trend in juniors fashion clothing this season is loud blazers. Worn with the staple juniors pants and shirts for girls mentioned here, the jacket will look amazing, not insane.

Need to stock up on juniors fashion clothing basics? Be sure to check out HeartSouls fab collection of basic juniors pants and tops, as well as some great on-trend pieces.
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