Friday, December 31, 2010

Slimline Shower Trays The Height Of Bathroom Fashion

It might be a sign of the recent world economic recession, or simply another one of this year's trends, but minimalism is back and this is evident by the growing popularity of minimalist bathroom products, such as slimline shower trays.

In the case of shower trays, instead of having large, imposing fixtures, many people are turning to smaller, more low profile shower trays, such as slimline shower tray. Slimline shower trays are ideal for most bathrooms as they are sleek, stylish, they complement other minimalist bathroom products perfectly, and they're most often as strong as standard shower trays.

So, for bathrooms across the UK, "bling" is out, less is now more, and that means bulky, hard-edged shower enclosures are being replaced by smooth lines, wet room styled shower doors and shower trays. Slimline shower trays are being found in more minimalist bathrooms, where simplicity is the desired look.

Slimline shower trays are perfect for the contemporary bathroom because of their ability to be sunken into the floor (with plumbing built in to the bathroom floor), or installed 40-45mm above the floor giving the bathroom an uninterrupted look. Manhattan Duralite Shower Trays are a shower tray that can be sunken into a raised platform (Manhattan Duralite Shower Tray Platform), which is also manufactured in the UK by Manhattan Showers.

Another option is to raise the shower trays above the ground with a leg and panel pack, if the floor is not capable of having plumbing installed into it. Riser leg and panel sets are available with most low profile shower trays, and give the option of having accessible drainage for maintenance. Some standard trays have this option, which is often known as "Easy Plumb". These trays have an option of a high or low fitting options, with the low option being the most desirable for those with minimalist bathrooms. Slimline shower trays are also most readily available in white, and the monochromatic nature of most minimalist bathrooms works well with this.

Good news is that you can find slimline shower trays in almost any shape or size (within reason!) across the UK. Some manufacturers of these different sizes and shapes of slimline shower trays (also known as low rise or low profile shower trays) are Manhattan Showers and London Water Closet Company (LWCC). Manhattan offers an "Ultra 40" collection of trays, and as its name suggests, is 40mm high. The Ultra 40 range is available in shapes varying from square, rectangular and quadrant shower trays. LWCC trays have a slightly more diverse range; they come in square shower trays, rectangle shower trays, quadrant shower trays, offset quadrant shower trays and u or d shaped shower trays. All of these trays have an option of a riser leg and panel pack, or alternatively can be installed on a platform or "plinth".

Whichever you choose, you'll find that with slimline shower trays, less really is more. These shower trays are a perfect addition to a minimalist bathroom and are a contemporary look which will never go out of fashion!
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Slim Fit Suits - Fashion Trend Slim Fit Suits For Men

What are slim fit suits?

Slim-fit is a style in cutting. Unlike most styles which leave a larger fabric allowance, slim fit suits has a more narrow cut, leaving only a 1-23 leeway. This cut creates a more body-contouring, tapered look. In other words, slim fit suits for men is not only for the select few with Hugh Jackman bodies out there - it also works for the general populace of men with regular bodies. It is simply a matter of finding the right fit. Even places such as Mr. Big & Tall have started carrying pants and blazers in slimmer styles.

This slim fit suits trend opens up the appreciation of the male physique, demonstrating that men can primp and look good as well. It is no longer feminine or homosexual for men to pay attention to more fitted clothing.

Style and Cut to look out for:
1. 3 buttons on the jacket/blazer - anymore and youre making a fashion faux pas.
2. Shoulders should be fitted - no 80s shoulder pads. American styles end at the shoulder bone while English styles peak out a little past the shoulders.
3. Most of the new Double Breasted styles you will see in the upcoming season are Kent style, which is the slimmest of the DB cuts. The Kent cut will create a slimming effect to the waist and also add height due to the extension of the longer lapel to the waist (following the traditional English suits).

-traditional contrasts (think black slim fit suits and white, white collared shirt, diagonal lines from tie, horizontal pinstripes)
-thin tie
-thin, subtle pinstripes

-suit and shirt is color coordinated (ex. dark plum pinstriped suit, bold purple colored tie that coordinates with suit, light collared shirt with subtle purple hues)

-subtle shades of grey
-add a pointed lapel (not suggested if youre a bit bigger - stick to clean cut lines and subtle horizontal pinstripes to elongate the body)
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sl Fashions Dresses For Women

Making an informed decision on the best trendy dress to purchase can be a daunting task given the number of designers and fashion houses accessible in the market. If you are looking for the perfect sleeveless dress to fit in for your coming office party, wedding or date, you will find the designs, styles and colors that best suits your accessories and body type by choosing SL Fashions.

While there are different types of SL Fashions petite dresses available in the market from which you can choose a design and style that fits your size and silhouette, this article looks into detail the sleeveless ruffled V-neck Sequin. This is the type of dress that you should consider dressing in if you would like to flaunt your figure to the world.
Product Details

As the name suggests, the dress has been designed and tailored with a ruffled shoulder. The design has been complemented with a touch of sequins as well as charming floral embroidery on the skirt. This in turn makes you to bring out your petite figure in a nice way. The following are some of the features that make this SL Fashion design stand out:
-Knee Length Size: If your desire is to show some leg without revealing too much, then you will find this design quite appealing. The knee length design makes this dress appropriate for petite women who would like to give an illusion of height. This in turn makes it easy to wear the dress with a matching high heel shoe.
-V-neckline Design: It is every womans desire to flaunt their bodies.

Nonetheless, finding the right type of dress that gives you the much needed sex appeal while at the same time maintaining your dignity may not be simple. But the V-neck design on the dress enables you to bring out the sexy in you without necessarily exposing too much of your bust.
-Sleeveless Design: If you need a beautiful dress to wear on a warm summer day or evening to a party or date, consider buying the Sleeveless Ruffled V-neck Sequin. The V-neck and sleeveless designs also make it easy for you to flaunt your accessories (e.g. Necklaces, bracelets and bangles).
-Back Zipper: When looking for an evening dress, you want a design that is not only comfortable to wear, but easy to slide into. The back zipper design has been included with an aim of making it easy for the wearer to put on the dress.
-Comfort: One of the features that define a perfect dress is comfort. You want a dress that not only brings out your physique, but also is comfortable to wear. The dress has been tailored from a polyester material which is quite comfortable to the body.

The Sleeveless Ruffled V-neck Sequin dress is suitable for persons who are looking for the perfect dress to wear to a wedding or evening party. When shopping for Sleeveless Ruffled V-neck Sequin, it is highly recommended that you read the various SL Fashions reviews published online. By doing so, youll be able to establish the best online stores from where you can make your purchase from.
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