Friday, January 15, 2010

Four Themes of 201213 Autumn Winter Fashion Leather & Color Trends

autumn & winter fashion will focus on highlighting the vivid contrast ratio and the deep contrast of colors, such as the contrast between warm and cool colors, light and dark ones, black and white, romantic and decadent and so on, which will provide us the motivation and inspiration for our forecast on the shoes and the new colors of leather. Compromise is no longer fashionable in our point of view; however, we are more sensitive to the eternal and sustainable fashion. To help customers develop new products, Clarian and ModEurop, the subordinate fashion storehouse of DSI (Das Schuhinstitut GmbH) cooperate to publish the manual targeted at the latest global color chips of 2012-2013 autumn and winter and "Fashion Up "leather trends.
There are four major themes of the leather fashion trends, from the exaggerated high heels style, classic lines to the style to the full style of the sense of the Milky Way, the luxury replicate antique leather accessories of futuristic metallic luster form the trends of the decadence style, the romantics, classics and the Galaxy style. Refused to be middlebrow - a distinctive fashion statement pushes the strong fashion trend to new heights this season, in which the decorative doping accessories include the retro style and high light soft leather.

2012/13 Autumn Winter Leather Trends: Neo Grunge
In this season the decadent fashion has its gorgeous back on stage. Once again, the fashion favors the alternative rock in the 1990s. Short jacket, parka, printed flower pattern dress, damaged jeans mixed with non-brimmed hat, warm arm kits and step-shaped fishnet stockings all reflect this season's fashion concepts. Meanwhile, the rugged buckle boots and exaggerated high heels do the best explanation for the shoes this season. There are also decadent vintage doping accessories and new high-gloss leather, among which the shaving or soft paint leathers can be used to interpret this feel. From a cheap second-hand store to a luxury design studio, such young attire with a rebellious wave will spread throughout the market at all levels.

2012/13 Autumn Winter Leather Trends: Story Book
The inspiration comes from the romantic novels of the Victorian age, at which the passionate actor and charming heroine enter into the reality from the novel that inspired the fashion industry to pioneer the idea of retro-style Gothic. The gentle, flowing lines and the over knee dresses, the elegant high heels adorned with lace, precious stones and pearls and retro boots are the characteristics of this series. The antique leather and decorative textures from the magnificent story turns in the sharp contrast with the minimalist trend, which also marks the return of the fashion on the concern of the decorations and details following the low-key style.

2012/13 Autumn Winter Leather Trends: Ultra Classic
The classic style chooses the new minimalist style to be enduring, pure and give up the details. A style returning to the basics coupled with luxurious decorations embodies the clothing full of Mondrian features through the segmentation between the hit colors and inlaid margins. The proportion of clothing is in new segmentation: skirts are in the length of reaching the knee height while the shoes tend to be brand new in middle- or high-heeled. The texture of the material was introduced in order to avoid plain feel for a simple tailoring. The fine grain patterns, traditional embossing and classic reptile leather interprets this simplicity into a unique style.

2012/13 Autumn Winter Leather Trends: Galactic
Without waiting for the launching of Richard Branson's first commercial manned spacecraft, the galactic trend has become common practice. Innovative technology and concise lines integrate tightly to show the fashion style out there. The close-fitting tailoring and the shape of the pads bring about the strong visual impact. The accessories include the space boots with pads, high heels and fantastic handbag, which are full of a dramatic color.
Leather Colors
After going through a period a period of turmoil, now we are looking for a new direction. We will look at things from a new perspective, without any willingness to accept a compromise. in the recent color show, Clarian and ModEurop, the Germany Das Schuhinstitut Limited fashion branch, together will jointly launch the 2012-2013 autumn and winter leather colors, which is no more than right to demonstrate our attitude and determination. These colors include the upbeat and timeless warm red tones, neutral winter colors and cool polar colors.

2012/13 Autumn Winter Leather Trends: Warmth
Yellow, orange and red are the subtle reflection of the power of the sun and flashes of flame. Meanwhile it creates the theme of warmth of humanity, family and love of traditions for people, which is full of emotion and passion.

2012/13 Autumn Winter Leather Trends: Base
The classic colors, neutral colors are to become the new favorite of the autumn and winter series. This trend indicates that a return to the basics of fashion, while the colors of gray, brown and snow white, camel and natural black just reflect our immortally lasting value.

2012/13 Autumn Winter Leather Trends: Coldness
As the antithesis of the warm colors, its inspiration originates from the distance, future and technology. Through the ingenious combination of the emerging high-tech with an inexhaustible supply of nature forces, we have come out with the cool blue, gray, green and black that are of futuristic mystery.
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Forzieri Operates At The Height Of Fashion

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be a lot of work! One season, trenchcoats and knee-high boots are in; the next, they are unforgivable fashion disasters. Its not easy for a luxury fashion store to stay afloat amidst the ever-changing fashion trends. Forzieri, however, has not just survived, but thrived. Their company name has become synonymous with luxurious, fashion-forward apparel and accessories that lend a touch of glitz and glamor to whoever adorns them, allowing this famous store to truly operate at the height of fashion.

Up-to-Date Fashion Coverage

One of the ways Forzieri helps its customers stay fashion-forward is by updating them on the latest trends. Its panel of fashion experts offer insightful of often uncannily accurate predictions of the runway trends that will dictate each new season, helping you stay one step ahead of the competition in the fashion world. For evidence of this, one need look no further than the "Trends" section of's online store. Forzieri will let you know whether its sleek leather accessories, natural earthy hues, or bright colors and clashing prints that are in fashion this season. Moreover, it will provide a helpful link to products that will soon be in vogue so that you can start replenishing your wardrobe before the news breaks and prices of these items begin to skyrocket. With Forzieris foresight, youll gain some considerable knowledge as a fashion guru among your peers by following their sound advice.

Sets Fashion Trends

Fashion companies dont get to the top by merely adhering to fluctuating trends. Companies with true staying powers are trendsetters as well. Forzieri certainly fits this description with their incredibly wide range of designer apparel. While they do carry products from household names such as Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen, the staff of Forzieri go to great lengths to offer customers products from lesser-known but equally talented fashion designers such as Antica Murrina and Jerome Dreyfuss. Its not only the designs which make it to the big runway shows that are worthy of a fashionista, but the designs from boutique luxury labels as well. In fact, unencumbered by the need to subscribe to the overarching themes for the latest runway trends, many of the Forzieri independent fashion designers exercise much greater creative freedom, allowing them to come up with zany and eclectic designs that will set you apart from your peers. Luxury apparel isnt defined by its price tag or the name of its designer, but by its sense of style and sophistication. If youre willing to experiment (and isnt that what fashion is really all about?), youll find many rewarding and unique pieces that will give your wardrobe an edge.

Celebrity Endorsements

Forzieri fully understands a curious truth about fashion sometimes its not so much about who designs the clothes, but rather who wears them. Forzieri is proud to boast numerous celebrities among their clientele, all of them renowned among their fans for their impeccable fashion sense. The list goes on and on and includes international stars such as Nicole Kidman and Sarah Jessica Parker. If you are ever in doubt about whats in vogue, look no further than the outfits your favorite celebrities wear to red-carpet events. They often become fashion classics in the blink of an eye. Theres probably no status symbol greater than donning the same gown or coat as a movie star, and Forzieri knows this. Thats why they include a frequently updated "In the Media" section to keep you up to speed with what some of the companys most famous customers are wearing.

Whether you wish to take your cue from the latest runway trends, pick up unusual fashion pieces from independent designers or spot fashion must-haves in the glitz and glamor of Hollywood celebrity culture, Forzieri can assist you in reaching the height of fashion. Millions of customers have benefited from the companys dedication to style since 1998. Why shouldnt you?
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