Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fashion Design Style - Adorn and Attract

Fashion has been the highlight of almost all civilizations known to mankind. Starting off as a mechanism to cover ones nakedness, dress, head gear, leg wear and other accessories are today seen as a fashion statement to convey one's social standing.

Accomplishments in fashion design style are increasing very fast. Fine craftsmanship and talent is utilized to design clothing, jewelry, bags, watches and various items. One has to have a basic awareness on the changes in fashion. Those who are employed (self employed or other-wise) in the field of fashion design style, must take into account the desires and looks of costumers. They either work independently or as a group.

The complimenting style that looks admirable in a model may not be appealing to everyone. The designer has to take into consideration the preference of the person who is expected to wear the outfit. They have to make calculations on various combinations of materials with extensive ranges. It also involves the color, pattern and the style. Selecting the right type of style would give welcome appreciation. They also take into account the right kind of outfit for children, men and women.

The fashion design industry practices the basic three types of fashion style.

Designers should be accurate while designing the clothes exclusively for a peculiar customer on the basis of measurement. More priority should be given to the quality of the material and the fabric used for designing the clothes. It should be perfectly stitched within the time.

Readymade clothes are easily available to the public where more preference is given to the cut of the clothes. To exhibit their exclusiveness, these kinds of clothes are not available in large quantity and they are sold at higher rates.

The final one depends on the mass market where fashion industries wait for season to attract the customers. These clothes are sold in the branded name, low of cost to consume time. People make the best use of this opportunity to purchase these clothes with the view that they are affordable.

Numbers of schools are offering new comers to study fashion design style which includes extensive training in many modules. To promote a good fashion design style, all you need is a creative mind for a perfect designing. Even though the designers have their own style of executing things, when designing clothes for another person, they need to apprehend the environment in which they are designing.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fashion Cool Suit Style Coat Jacket Really Suitable for Winter

Suit is really formal clothing that gentlemen put on every day. But it is not warm enough to wear in cold winter. Therefore, to keep warm, many people choose to wear thick coat jacket, cotton-padded coat or down coat. It looks very clumpy actually.

In this way, if there were some clothing can combine formal suit and warmness into one, it would be perfect. Focusing on this, China wholesale clothing () publishes some really fashion and cool suit style coat jacket or hoodies for customers' selection. Wearing these clothes, you will not only have formal business feeling, but also have warm in cold winter.

This outwear is casual Korean style with slim fit design, stand collar, short, casual and long sleeve, it is good to show your cool and gentleness, also makes you leisure and fashion in public and streets.

This coat jacket is casual Korean style with 1 button, stand collar, collapsible sleeve and long sleeve, it is good to show your cool and gentleness, also makes you leisure and fashion in public and streets.

This men's slim fashion stand collar sexy coat jacket () is designed into casual way but not lacking of business factor. It is still fit for business wearing. Wearing this to office, unquestioned, you will be the focus, combining fashion, different, casual but formal into one. You will be make office ladies paying attention to you. Really handsome and attractive.

This suit jacket is casual Korean style with Bright color, only 1 button and long sleeve with buttons, it is good to show your cool and gentleness, also makes you leisure and fashion in public and streets. Wearing this, you will look fashion young and energy.

This hooded jacket is really special. It successfully adopts modern hoody and suit factor into one. It is casual Korean style with slim fit design, one button, and casual and hooded, it is good to show your cool and gentleness, also makes you leisure and fashion in public and streets. hoody style will also keep warm.

Certainly, in addition to the suit coat jacket discussed above, China clothes free shipping () store also provides customers other options of casual suits, winter coats, cotton-padded coat, down jacket, shirts, T-shirts, pants, etc. with extremely unbeatable price supporting free shipping service worldwide.

Except mens clothing, you can also find a really broad range of women clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry for you. China fashion wholesale sincerely welcomes you to have a look. Thank you.
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fashion Choice Email Marketing Strategy

As a casual and formal womens apparel store catering to the 20 30 age group you are known for offering an exclusive range with great customer service in your area. Having started out as
a way to make a career out of a hobby, most of your current clients are friends and family who are aware of and like your designs.

You want to expand but also retain your special boutique offer of exclusive ranges with great service. This strategy shows how to not only grow your business but also grow your reputation for great customer service!

Identify who is your customer?

Now its time for you to expand your customer base by marketing your line to college students and office goers within a predefined radius around your store.

What is the best thing I can do for that customer?

Remove the monotony from fashion; provide a personal service that matches your exclusive range of affordable designs with the customer.

How are you going to do it?

You are going to create the GlamFam club of your customers. Members of the club will be segmented into categories based on their fashion choices (e.g. Student casual, office smart, office casual, etc), their age group and sizes (regular, large, extra large). Then you can send specific emails to each category that are relevant, welcomed, will be opened and acted upon!

Send an email to your existing customers or invite customers when they come into your shop to join the GlamFam Club and complete the questionnaire. Provide an incentive such as an entry into a monthly draw for those who do so.

Send a direct mail to colleges and offices nearby with the same incentive when they register online as a GlamFam member. To each category send customized offers, fashion tips and walk-in deals that specifically suit those members. You can also tie-up with related industries such as make-up artists or hairdressers in order to cross-promote your brand. For instance, a purchase at your store entitles them to special discount at the salon and vice versa. In addition, cash in on positive word of mouth by offering referral discounts from current customers who bring in new clients.

Dont forget to say Thank You.

Every new member on the database receives a thank you email. Also include a link to a survey where every registration receives a discount on their next purchase at your store.

Suggested survey questions:

How did they hear about your store?

What are their fashion choices - e.g. student casual, office smart, office casual etc?

What size do they typically wear regular, large, extra large?

What age group they belong to?

Birthdays, anniversaries and other times of the year when they typically spend on clothes.

When to communicate with your members?
Become the expert - Send out e-newsletters to the GlamFam member database with tips on the latest trends in fashion as well as topics of general interest such as wardrobe management,
personal shopping, color coordinating your clothes etc. Also use this space to showcase your latest designs and offer a print and bring special deal coupon to convert more database members in to walk-in customers and buyers.

Email exclusive offers one week prior to a special occasion like birthdays or anniversaries, when customers are likely to buy new clothes for themselves.

Send out notices on sales, new stock, run out deals etc.

Create a gift card for members to purchase and give as a gift.

Identify slow times of the year and create special events or deals that are exclusive to your members and will stimulate sales.

How do you measure success?

Conduct 6 monthly surveys of all GlamFam members to assess their level of satisfaction with key criteria like pricing, design range, suitability, etc of your apparel. Incentivize survey completion with a special deal voucher redeemable on a subsequent purchase. In terms of measuring bottom line and turnover growths, compare revenues and customer numbers across like periods over a couple of years to get a feel of where your business is going.

Build Build Build! Continue to build you members by sending regular direct mails to your target market.
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