Saturday, May 23, 2009

Denims Will Always Be In Fashion And Trendy

Starting with in the 1970s, denims of a designer kind started gaining immense popularity. This popularity does not seem to be dying out and is ever-increasing as these designer denim jeans seem to be a rage that won't subside. In the 1980s everyone were swearing by these denims. From the common man to the biggest of celebrities, everyone could be seen sporting them and looking great. Denim was and is popular, and the best part is that it has multiple variants like bell-bottoms and slim fits. Everyone feels comfortable in denims and feel like they are making a good style statement.

Affordable True Religion Jeans have done their bit in contributing to the ever-present need for quality designer denims. When you hear about a brand like True Religion it inspires confidence as you are sure that such a brand would always have great options for your clothing needs. Now that these denims are available in affordable pricing, there seems to something for every pocket. Whether you are the working class hero or a dashing celebrity, everyone desires a great pair of designer jeans. What you want from denims is a rugged feel and an appealing style, coupled with maximum comfort.

There are different variants available under this brand. Some examples include straight leg jeans, skinny jeans, boot-cuts, wide leg jeans, low rise jeans and others. There seems to something for every kind of fashion need. No matter what your body figure is, chances are you'll always find something you like from what is offered in the Affordable True Religion Jeans category. Short or tall stature, skinny or overweight; whatever your body type may be, there's always the perfect denim waiting for you. The best part is that all these jeans are available at affordable pricing just for you.

There is no age bar for people who wear jeans. Old people, young people, kids; be it anyone. There will always be people who think denims are trendy as they never go out of fashion. Affordable True Religion Jeans have been described as timeless classics, and you ought to invest in a pair. There are very few brands that retain old customers and keep on bringing in new, and this is one of them. With affordable pricing avenues it seems to be a win-win situation for everyone involved. There is a wide variety of options that is available for both men and women.

These jeans have the wrong impression of being overtly expensive and that's a bad thing. There are many Affordable True Religion Jeans available in the market and you are bound to love them. It's all about looking around and choosing the best option there is for your clothing needs. Gone are the times when denims were thought to be cheap and for just the poor people. Jeans have become a prime segment with designs that are appealing and loved.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crazy About Lovely Fashion Jewellery

Phoenix Jayy, the new online fashion and costume jewellery boutique has steadily built up a following among jewellery lovers through its exclusive first collection, launched in December 2011. There also seems to be a growing following for Phoenix Jayy on Twitter and Facebook (nearly 3,000 Facebook fans at time of writing).

Phoenix Jayy's About Us Blurb:
Phoenix Jayy was born from a desire and passion to bring elegant, eye-catching and unique fashion jewellery from all corners of the world into one fabulous collection. Our collection includes only the finest, luxury fashion jewellery, with innovative and glamorous designs that sparkle and shine. If you love glamorous and distinctive fashion jewellery then spoil yourself with the Phoenix Jayy experience.

The Concept:
Phoenix Jayys range is full of lovely boutique fashion and costume jewellery that arrives in ivory coloured Phoenix Jayy boxes that also make great keepsakes! The whole concept is to apply luxury to fashion jewellery and we love it!

The Products:
We LOVE the collection; its full of sparkly and unique bangles, bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces. The products have a boutique style and are handmade or handcrafted as the website says and do have a designer feel to them. From the Cherry Blossom Necklace to the Peacock bangle to the Phoenix Blue Diamond Ring this really is a unique collection. It has something for everyone from enduring fashionistas to those just looking for an extra bit of glamour for their jewellery box! We would love some parts of the range to be bigger but the fact that it doesnt have thousands of products means it keeps its exclusivity and doesnt come across like a mass market brand but one that is chic and elegant.

The Price:
The products are truly gorgeous including the packaging that you expect the price to be higher! But its really worth it when you take into account the sparkle of the products, uniqueness of the design and gorgeous boxes. Approximate pricing (at time of writing):
Rings - 21 to 62
Earrings - 16 to 50
Bangles / Bracelets - 25 to 75
Necklaces - 40 to 110

The Website:
The website is visually stunning and styled on an online boutique. The site is simple to navigate and focuses on the products themselves, with stunning pictures rather than distracting adverts or computer generated graphics! The checkout page was secure, easy to use, with an offer for free delivery the other delivery charges are about same as other online jewellery retailers. The logo and style gives it a feel of an established brand and you can see why people are talking about it!

If You Like Then
If youre a fan of fashion / costume jewellery especially brands such as Swarovski, Pandora then youll love Phoenix Jayy. The designs are standout and sure to make an impression.

The Verdict:
A really exciting new brand with products youll fall in love with and buy!
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cowgirl Fashion Hats To Complete Your Look

Cowgirl bonnets play a significant role in a woman's closet. These fashion accessories are great to flaunt at country music concerts, test rides, fashion shows and competitions. Ladies can also wear them when in the countryside to have their share of fun. After all, why should boys have all the fun! Modern cowgirl fashion hats are not just for the purpose of keeping the sun's rays off your face, but also to add that extra sparkle to your outfit.

Your bucolic countryside look shall never be complete without these fascinators of varied shapes, colors and adornments. There are several varieties to choose from like straw bonnets, satin made materials, silk head covers and felt fedoras. You can find eye catching boaters at some of the reputed online specialty stores at unbelievable prices. In this article, we are going to read about stunning cowgirl hats to complement your looks.

It's true that these accouterments for ladies have a bold and daring look. However, there should be a touch of femininity with the inclusion of stimulating color scheme and captivating accessories. The gypsy type fedoras are embellished with silver colored stud accents and vividly dyed flowers. The brim is further beatified with uniquely shaped cut-outs and brilliant hues. So, revel in the beauty of fashion fedoras in any party or gathering with a fashion statement and the right attitude!

And, as far as bright red bonnets are concerned, these styles will make your look and style complete with a broad hat band with a silver-hued heart accent. Moreover, a brim with a wire edge gels with your inimitable style. Then, there are styles made of wool that are beyond good looks and appeal. With fashionable trimmings, stylishness and superb finishing, a brilliant red hat have a magnificence of its own.

Women who love flowers and intricate details can opt for floral embroidery on silk fabric. Even chapeaus with brass toned conchos and turquoise colored beads will accentuate the anterior position of the hat band. Cool colors to complement your attire and looks are brown, blue, magenta, and coffee brown.

Do you love the boldness of gaudy feathers and shimmering stones? If so, you are free to sport a custom made fascinator in shades of brown. The crown is adorned with multi colored plumages and a rhombus shapes at the front. The center of the rhombus takes your bonnet to the next level with red and yellow colored stones that sparkle when direct light hits it at the perfect angles. The edge of the rhombus is titivated with floral conchos. The sides of the bonnet have an extra bend to attract the attention of an onlooker. You are also free to choose a cowgirl hat from shades of black, purple, pink and blue.

Women who have a penchant for cool denims can opt for a western cap decorated with stylish beads, shells and hemp. The center of the piece can draw people's attention with a large flower with conchos surrounding it. As to the color, yellow will look great with blue denim.
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