Friday, December 10, 2010

Scope of Institute of Fashion Technology and Design

Make your career in fashion designing, learn the concepts of fashion designing from the expert guides at reputed institute of fashion technology and make your way. Here are hundreds of schools of fashion design offering degree and diploma courses in fashion designing and technology choose your college smartly and give a right start to your career.-

Love cuts, folds and stitches? Then the career in fashion designing is just for you. There was a time when the scope of fashion and apparel designing was not broad in Indian market. But with the changing trend of economy and influence of global market now the market of talented and professionally qualified fashion designer in growing high. This is the reason every year millions of fresh and young 12th pass puts are choosing full-term and short-term fashion designing course with the hope to give a right shape to their career.

India, the land is known for its garment and textile design. If you can get a degree or diploma in designing from a reputed college there are many job avenues waiting for you. There are numerous institute of fashion technology and school of fashion designing offering diploma and degree course. Learn about these institutes and choose your college wisely. Though the success in the career largely depends on individual's potential but a professional guidance prepare a person to meet the professional challenges and develop the insight on how to solve the troublesome situations without spoiling the equilibrium. Whether you want to start your boutique or wish to work for some multinational brand. A full-term course in fashion designing course will mold a candidate for a flourishing future. Browse the internet and find the list of authorized fashion designing colleges for the course. Most of the colleges follow an entrance test procedure for filtering the applications of the candidates. This entrance paper consist questions on reasoning, English and creative attitude. There are many books and notes available in the market to help the students. After entrance exam the next step is GD & PI. It is your chance to show the board member why you are fit for the course and how well you can do in the course.

The scope of fashion designing is not restricted to textile and apparel alone. The apparel and accessory industry has expanded a lot in last few decades.

Explore the creative world of fashion designing and find your path. The profession will throw many challenges at you in initial stage but it depends on your mentoring how you use those problems as a sandglass to sharpen your ability. Let your creativity and designing ability come forward with all its force, only a good guide can help you in realizing your inner potential. This is the reason a college plays crucial role in one's professional success. The practical exposure and live shows will introduce you to the real world challenges that you may have to face in your career. The career course is just a prelude how your professional life is going to happen after the completion of the course.

You may have dreamed of designing beautiful and classic apparel, building career in Fashion Technology Courses The WLCI Fashion School offers programmes in Fashion Program and Fashion Marketing & Merchandising. Check out WLCI School of Fashion for information.
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scandinavian Menswear Fashion Trend

The region of Scandinavia is situated in Northern Europe that includes a set of progressive countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway along with Finland and Iceland. The area particularly famous for modern day furniture designs of clean straight line that is futuristic in nature easily translates into land of fashion and street wear, with a lot of designers coming from Copenhagen and Stockholm in recent past.

Forging ahead in Mens Fashion is Norse Projects, Danish Company established in 2004. Focusing at Urban Chic, the shop is well established and popular in Copenhagen. It opened to a warm welcome in London too. They have a whole lot of new and classic brands that reflect the overall unique look.

Acne is one of the Swedish labels that is leading the way to must haves in denims and extending the way to laid back tailoring in Mens fashion. Sack suit from Ralph Lauren with a classic cut and a sack style is following in the similar track. This particular style may not be apt for all body types but a host of modern designs in movies like Oceans Twelve showcases a lot of tapered suit that simply spells cool and never fails to impress.

Stylized and affordable jeans are the front runner for fashion houses as Cheap Monday. This house that started off as a weekend store combining old with new is flourishing now and their skinny jeans are must have among the fashion vista.

Another Danish house started by the famous Nikolaj Neilsen, also started off with a background in denims. Rooted deep with traditional and classic design, they offer an extensive array of ready to wear jeans. Our legacy in Scandinavian fashion world is easily a fan of checked shirt, rightly called the fashion Phoenix. These classic shirts can be worn by itself or with round neck cotton knits combined with denim giving that timeless college look. This look is definitely setting the trend this autumn/winter.

As per Scandinavias geographical location, jackets and nautical themes feature high on agenda. Uniforms for the dedicated, a recent upcoming design house offers a host of chunky knits, Horizontal striped ts, plaid shirts along with Chelsea boots and sailors hats. With winters round the corner, the right jacket is a necessity. This winter will revive the classic military trench coat. This season team up the designer jackets with the right accessory for the cool, chic look in Mens Fashion.
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