Friday, April 9, 2010

How To Set Up Your Celebrity Fashion Wardrobe

Do you wish you looked like Elizabeth Hurley? Well now you can. When you purchase her swim wear line you too can look and feel like one of the most beautiful women in the world. From her signature June Bikini to her gorgeous Carinne Bikini you will find that all eyes will be on you when you are at the beach or pool side. In fact, when it comes to Celebrity Fashion Clothes you will find that less is more when it comes to swim wear. Furthermore, not only is the style just to die for but very comfortable as well.

Every wish you smelled as wonderful as some of your favorite stars must? If you do not have the extra cash to go all out and design a complete wardrobe after your favorite celebrity then why not smell as good as they do. From Glow by J Lo to Curious by Britney Spears you will be glad you took the time to get the best. In fact, when it comes to Celebrity Fashion people all too often forget about the fragrance of fashion. And in the end, no matter when you get the right fragrance what is important is that you will be a step ahead of the rest.

When was the last time you had some truly cool sunglasses? If you want to shine the moment you step out of your car or house then you will want to check out all the different styles of Victoria Beckham sunglasses just waiting for you to buy them. No outfit can be truly complete without the right eye wear and this is more so when it comes to Celebrity Fashion. The reason for this is that most any time you see a celebrity they are sitting behind their cool shades, and if you want to be as cool as them you will need to make sure you get the right set of sunglasses.

Who do you wear when you curl up in bed art night? Once you get home for the day your fashion sense does not need to be shut off. Instead, why not go to bed feeling as hot as your favorite celebrities. And when it comes to sleep wear regardless of if it is by Caprice or some other top celebrity you will sleep better for having worn it to bed. Because in all reality when you are talking about Celebrity Fashion Clothes you need to also take into account the time you are working on all that beauty sleep.

So when you are planning out your Celebrity Fashion wardrobe what is important to remember is everything. This means that from the jewelry around your ankles to the clothes you sleep in you too can have a closet that would rival a celebrity. But just do not be afraid to mix and match. For instance, while your hand bag is a Mischa Barton your shoes can be from Paris. Or, if you prefer the fragrance of Glow by J Lo for your days why not try out a little Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker for your evenings.
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Monday, April 5, 2010

How To Organise An Interesting And Enjoyable Fashion Event

Although going to school is considered to be boring because you need to spend long hours sitting, listening to the lesson, and taking notes of the lectures, there are times that it is fun to go to school because of the interesting events that is being held there.

One of the interesting events that are being held in school is a fashion show. Fashion shows are very interesting because it is an opportunity for the students to see beautiful and handsome models that showcase their dress and nice body shape. However, if the school fashion show was organised in the wrong way, it could be boring and in worst cases, it might humiliate the model.

Tips on How to Organise a School Fashion Event

Select a Theme: It is very hard to reach your goal if you dont know what to achieve. This is also true when it comes to organising a school fashion show. In order for your fashion show to have a direction you will need to select a specific theme for it. All the plans that you are going to make will be based on that theme.
Music: In order for a fashion show to be enjoyable and not boring, you need to set different moods throughout the event. You can do this by playing different types of music that is appropriate for the show. You need to choose songs that will mesmerize the spectators. Your playlist should contain songs that have different beat, tempo and genre. However, the best type of music to use is the instrumental ones. The reason why it is ideal for fashion is that it never distracts the audience from watching the show.
Lighting: In order for the audience to see clearly the beauty of the models together with the fancy dress they wear, you will need a proper set of functioning lighting equipment. Applying lighting effects will also emphasize the emotion that is being portrayed and enable viewers to feel it too. With the combination lighting and sound, your fashion event could be a very interesting.
Spontaneity: You dont need to plan an event that is so predictable. Spectators wont have the interest to watch the fashion show up to the end if they already know what is going to happen. You should always create an event that will surprise the audience. In doing so, you will be able to ignite the interest of the spectators and they will be eager to watch what would happen next in your fashion event.

By following these tips, you will be able to organise a fashion event that will be remembered for a very long time.
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