Saturday, May 21, 2011

Writing Fashion Articles Is Easy And Fun!

We all know that fashion is an enormous industry to talk about, and when it comes to writing fashion articles, you want to ensure that you can create vibrant and interesting content for your targeted readers!

Good fashion writers create a buzz on the latest fashion apparel and accessories, and they quickly create many trends! When you start to utilize the same skills these professional authors use, you can easily become the authority in your desired field.

Whether you're creating a fashion article for a clothing review, runway event, and even a new up-and-coming designer looking to get some exposure, to make sure you develop the best article possible, there are some steps that should be taken to make your content become attractive to your reading audience.

Human Emotions Are What Creates Trends, And Drives The Fashion Industry!

I'm sure you have read several of the top fashion magazine articles, and if you pay close attention, you will certainly notice the message they are trying to convey! The obvious message that many of us pick up is that select fashion designers and clothing companies are selling the vision of how good you would look in their apparel, which is a message that would motivate me to buy their product, but that's not the primary message.

When you read their articles with detailed attention, they are trying to hit on the individual reader's emotions that we all dream of, and that's being someone else! Many will deny this comment if you brought it up in a conversation, but it's a true fact, that at some point in your life you would like to be someone else, whether it be a Brad Pitt, Pamela Anderson, or the lead singer of your favorite band, and smart fashion conscious writers jump on this emotion very quickly!

Human emotions are what drive product sales, whether it's selling clothing, or new cars. We know what we need, but sometimes we not always know what we want. You as a fashion writer will be utilizing your writing skills and knowledge to capitalize on these human emotions, and tell them why they should buy an unknown designer's Maternity Fashion, or why they should purchase brand name handbags from your web site that are available in every shopping mall in America.

Answer All The Readers Questions, And You're One Step Closer To Winning Them Over!

When I search for information on the Internet, my goal is to have many questions answered, whether I'm searching for intimate apparel for my wife, or a good pair of jeans for my casual nights out on the town. However, if you tell me the jeans are 100% cotton, they come in many styles and colors, and they're a really good bargain if purchase them here online, chances are I would be saying to myself, tell me something I don't already know, and I already read three other articles saying the same thing.

I would rather read that these incredible one of kind jeans were exclusive to your company or website (if they truly are, no fibbing now), or they're a new designer's fashion creation that is taking the clothing industry by storm, and when you put a pair of these uniquely designed and extremely comfortable jeans on, they will make my waist look several inches smaller, and feel extremely comfortable using only 100% of the worlds finest cotton. If you have a pair of those jeans, drop me a line and I will buy a pair of them, or maybe even two if you have several colors available!

Remember that emotion drives our economy, and even though we know what our necessities are, we want to look and feel better, and we want the items to help us achieve this goal! When you start to figure out all the human emotions that create our impulses to buy certain desired attire and name brand accessories, you will have the writing success that will be unstoppable on the fashion article runway!
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Worst Celebrity Fashion Designers

Reality TV has swollen the ranks of celebrities from lists B through to Z to the point where it seems like every other week another almost has-been is busy trying to revive a faint career with a new fashion line. The lesson here seems to be stick with what youre good at, even if thats flashing your knickers at the paparazzi. Paris Hilton, were looking at you. Read on for the worst celebrity fashion lines in all their shiny, tacky glory.

Paris Hilton
It seems Paris Hilton is a celebrity first and foremost for having money, and then working that fame to make even more. The kind of person who gets paid just for showing up at a party, Paris is sometimes more a marketable brand than a person. And what an unfortunate brand! Paris launched an exclusive line for Kitson Boutiques selling her particular brand of style mostly t-shirts screen printed with her face in gold lame. With lots of cheap, shiny dresses too, it has to be one of the most unattractive celebrity fashion lines on the market.

Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conrad, star of MTV reality show The Hills, actually has a pretty, laid-back California style. But her much anticipated line the Lauren Conrad Collection was a let-down. Lovely LC seemed to be going out of her way to design as boring a basics collection as could be had an entire line made of plain and unflattering jersey cotton for some offensively high prices. That hasnt stopped her from putting out another collection with US store Kohls this autumn though, and unfortunately the second go-round is just as generic.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan seems to feel that being a washed-up celebrity has-been with stringy blonde extensions gives her the right to nominate herself Marilyn Monroes style representative on earth. No matter how hard she tries though she certainly cant match the lovely Monroe, even if she creepily named her line of leggings 6126 after the screen sirens birthday. Lohans line features leggings alone zipper leggings, faux leather leggings, sparkly leggings, shiny leggings. Hardly the most challenging item to design, they look like something a tween could customise with a glue gun, some cheap lycra and a portfolio of Miley Cyrus paparazzi snaps.

Mischa Barton
If La Lohans leggings werent enough of a capsule collection, someone actually thought they could make a quick buck from Mischa Bartons boho headbands. Starting at $50, Bartons hair accessories are over-priced, poorly finished and embellished in junk. The wilted hippy flowers stink of the desperation of someone who has been putting out forgettable, lack lustre performances since The O.C. ended three years ago.

The Jonas Brothers
Of all the things we though the Jonas Brothers could be doing pretending to play guitar and saving themselves for marriage sticking their names on a tween fashion line of ruffled denim skirts was not one of them. In spite of having no fashion experience and an average age of about 20, the family-friendly JoBros have their own fashion collection of mostly Disney-prep argyle sweaters, Polo shirts and pleated denim for thirteen year old girls at WalMart. Its a strange combination though of all the celebrities listed above, its probably the most appropriately pitched and priced fashion line for the pop stars fans.
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Womens Workwear Fashion Tips For The Office

Looking smart but staying stylish can often be a difficult task when youre trying to figure out whats appropriate for the workplace, you need to not only be elegant and wear something appropriate but you also want to be comfortable.

There are certain pieces of clothing you should always have in your wardrobe for the office, but there are also other items that youll be able to team with your staple clothing to create a different look. Here is a guide to dressing for the workplace and how you can add your own touch to those staple items.

A staple for any womans workwear wardrobe, a pair of comfortable and versatile formal trousers are a must. Youre probably best having a few pairs of different styles in your wardrobe in black and grey; theyll work with knitwear, blouses and casual tops and are a failsafe option for the office. When buying some new work trousers, try and think what shoes youll usually wear them with and buy the right length so that they fit well.

Of course, tailoring is made for the office and if you like to feel smart and make an impression then a simple yet sophisticated womens trouser suit is key to your look. Choose one that will work with different tops and blouses like grey or black, while a thin pinstripe one will be rather flattering on a fuller figure. Instead of trousers, why not go for an elegant tailored skirt suit? Itll give you a more feminine style while still looking smart.

If youd prefer something even more feminine and arent a fan of the tailored look then a smart dress or a skirt will work well while still being stylish, and if youre lucky enough to be able to dress down a little bit a floral print will really brighten up your look. You cant go wrong with a little black dress for the office; team with a simple knitted cardigan and a pair of court shoes to add a smarter touch.

Avoid anything too low cut or tight when choosing a top; for a sophisticated work look go for something quite plain and youll find that it works much better than a top with too much detail. Short sleeved shirts and blouses are always a safe bet, while simple cotton tops, knitted cardigans and jumpers are so easy to wear.

When it comes to choosing shoes for the office then you need to consider colour, heel height and style, while all the time thinking about comfort. Youll be wearing your work shoes all day and may even be walking to work in them, so its important that you think about comfort and fit when buying. You cant go wrong with a pair of simple black court shoes with a mid-heel height, while many women love to wear sky-high heels with their suits. If youre not a fan of heels then some flat pumps or loafers will work well and are so easy to dress up or down.

If youre a bit conscious that your office outfit is a bit too plain then bring it to life with some accessories. A waist-clinching belt will accentuate your shape and transform a dress; a brooch will add a fashionable touch to a plain top, while some simple jewellery will bring an elegant style to tailored look.
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Wholesale Korean Fashion Clothing Offers Affordable Online Options

Some people like to dress fashionably and be seen in public. Others wear clothes that enhance their appearance especially when they are at the workplace. Wholesale Korean fashion stores make it possible for people to purchase clothes of their choice at affordable rates. They are the popular option today as they cost far less than the branded names that are sold online or offline. Korean clothes are trendy and popularly sought by youngsters today. They design fashion wear at affordable prices and teenagers and office-goers are gung-ho about their designs and styles.

This sort of wholesale Korean fashion clothing business proves to be lucrative as there are numerous stores that sell Korean fashion wear. Sometimes, they find it difficult to cope with the demand as more and more people buy in bulk to avail of the best deals available. Many people are investing money in clothing businesses as they are sure they can reap profits. If you plan to resale these clothes you should learn the ropes and tie up with a shipping company that is reliable and can deliver the clothes to customers promptly. Some companies offer free delivery if a certain amount of clothing is purchased from their store.

There is plenty of scope for businessmen who venture into this type of business. This is because they have the advantage of staying the in competition because of the low prices offered. Garments sourced out from Korean, China and Asian countries are cheap and offer the latest trends which make them desirable and coveted by people around the globe. Today, with the world being a global village, it is easy to pick up clothing from anywhere in the world. The internet has also proved to be a great advantage for merchants who carry out their business online with Korean fashion wholesale clothing at cost-effective prices.

Wholesale clothing does not only refer to apparel. It also includes accessories such as wrist watches, sun glasses, beach wear, hats, belts etc. People can buy these items at the same wholesale stores to match their outfits. Men, women and children can purchase all types of fashionable clothes from these stores including accessories, jewelry and other items such as shoes and handbags.

It is important to include jewelry and other accessories when talking about fashion. By changing the jewelry worn with a particular dress, you create a different look and this is the same when you change your shoes, clothing and accessories. Look for Korean fashion wholesale accessories when you browse online and source out some of the best items to add to your collection. Since there are no overheads, these stores are able to offer their lowest prices and this proves advantageous to all.

Wholesalers can also works as middlemen and offer low costs to retailers as they transfer the goods from the manufacturers. The clothing that they offer can suit the upper class, middle class as well as the lower class. The price is comparatively low for all these types of clothing and people take advantage of this to increase their wardrobe collection.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What To Know Concerning Mens Fashion

In the past men who paid attention to fashion were scrutinized with a lot of scrutiny than the females. In recent times, mens fashion is not viewed in the same way, thus there is no reason to shun away from it any more. In the current world of style and trends, the fact than males should also uphold their rights in terms of design and style has been embraced.

The raise in standards in the job market and the matrimonial field can be credited for these drastic changes in this field. Brothels and employees are continuously putting a lot of emphasis on their partners and male employees in maintaining a smart, neat and good outlook. This has in turn resulted in many men jumping into this trends bandwagon unlike in the past. In addition it had resulted in men having pedicures, manicures and spotting nice hair styles. For men having a remarkable first impression is very important.

Ideally, being smart and neat does not mean that you overdo yourself with clothing or choking yourself with jewelry or applying a lot of makeup. This game is usually soiled with men who tend to commit fashion suicide. Even though women are looking out for men who look fashionable, neat and attractive, try and keep it simple.

There are some set codes of conduct that have been accepted when it is about this field. Generally, one should understand and be conversant with what is standard and acceptable to all. It is advantageous for you to comprehend that various occasions call for a specific dress code. Therefore, it is imperative for you to be able to differentiate between informal and formal events.

It is required for informal occasions for you to wear wonderful men shirts and nice designer jeans for you to stand out from the rest. To make this kind of clothing complete is advisable to wear men shoes for the final magic touch. In some of these informal occasions casual dress code is accepted. This will not break you a sweat as long as what you put on allows you to carry out your activities at the informal session.

It is important to note that informal occasions are also different. These occasions may vary from you taking a walk to the market, on streets, strolling in the evening or even deciding to have a night out. Therefore depending on where you are heading you should decide on the dress code that suits it. You can also include a cap but you should know when to take it off.

In the case for white or black tie events, the order of the day is suits. In such occasions, the branded name of the party will guide you. Most of these occasions or parties are usually formal. You should wear suits in these occasions because they are displays of formality. In the office scenario the wear should be smart and neat in order to portray ethics and professionalism.

You therefore find that, when it comes to mens fashion it is no longer the issue of choice but of priority. It is advised that males be fashionable in order to ride in the change waves as far as concerned. No one is willing to associate with an individual who still lingers in the dark days of design and fashion. Always remember to be cautious to avoid committing fashion suicide.
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Friday, May 6, 2011

What To Know About Mens Fashion

Mens fashion is not something for shying away from any longer. Unlike in the past when males who fashioned up used to be viewed with lots of disbelief than their women counterparts, nowadays, the fashion world has embraced the reality that these males also are expected to defend their rights in reference to design and style.

The pursuit of these changes could be attributed to the reality that standards have been elevated on the job market and in the marital field. Employers and brothels keep on stressing the reality that their male staff and partners should be smart and neat and good looking respectively. This has seen several men hop into fashion bandwagon unlike in the past. They do pedicure, manicure and nice hair styles. Creating a conspicuous first impression is important to them.

Ideally, being smart and neat does not necessarily imply that you need to trounce yourself with clothes or do the makeup excessively or also clog yourself with jewels. Men committing fashion suicide spoil the fashion's reputation. Women are out searching for attractive, fashionable and neat men who keep it simple.

Generally there are acknowledged codes of conduct in this field. Generally, males must understand what is standard and acceptable to everyone. Also it is worthwhile understanding that different events require different dress codes. This implies that it would be good in case you distinguish between informal and formal events.

Informal events may oblige you putting on wonderful male shirts and nice designer jeans which will leave you gazed at at. This form of clothing with matching male shoes could do the magic in this wonderful event. Sometimes, informal events might be styled by a casual dressing code. It will not break any bone given that what you put on does not hinder your activities when at the informal event.

It is important to know that informal events also differ. You might decide to stroll out in the evening, take a walk around the market or along the streets or you might decide on going on a night out. Depending on where you are to go, you would have to settle on the casual clothes to wear. Sometimes, you might put on a cap though you must know when to remove it.

For white or black tie occasions, always suits are the day's dress code. At this point, you will be directed by the name the bash is branded. Such occasions or parties are generally formal. In such occasions, suits being the sign of formality they must be worn. Office dress must also be smart, neat and capable of portraying the values presented in those particular scenarios.

Generally, mens fashion is no more an option but a priority. Thus, men are persuaded to be more fashionable to traverse in the waves of transformation as much as their grooming is concerned. No one loves associating with somebody who still dwells in the dark days in reference to design and style. However, as you endeavor making it a reality, be careful on committing dressing suicide.
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What Items Are Known As Fashion Accessories

Are you interested in updating your appearance, at least in terms of your fashion? If you are, you may not only want to examine the latest in fashion trends, as far as clothing, but you may also want to examine the latest trends in fashion accessories. Fashion accessories are rapidly increasing in popularity, although many still do not know exactly what they are.

When it comes to fashion accessories, you will find that a number of different products are included. Fashion accessories, like fashion clothing pieces, come in a number of different sizes, shapes, and styles. There are fashion accessories that are designed for children, teens, men, women, petite sized, and plus sized individuals. A few of the many fashion pieces that you may want to examine at one of you local fashion stores or online are outlined below.

One of the most well known fashion accessory types is that of jewelery. As it was previously mentioned, fashion accessories are designed for all different types of individuals, regardless of age or gender. For teenagers and children, fashion jewelery pieces that are popular often include colorful pieces, as well as charm necklaces or charm bracelets. In terms of men, a popular piece of jewelery often includes large pendant necklaces, many of which display a cross or another popular or meaningful symbol. As for women, popular pieces of fashion jewelery include earnings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, and so forth.

Another type of fashion accessory that you may be interested in owning is a purse or a handbag. Teens and women most commonly own purses and handbags. A purse is often used to describe a bag that is smaller or compact in size and handbags are often a little bit larger. Handbags and purses come in a number of different styles; therefore, it is common for many women and teens to own more than one purse or handbag. In fact, many individuals out there like to match their fashion accessories, including their purses and handbags, with the clothing that they wear.

In conjunction with handbags and purses, travel bags are often considered a fashion accessory. Travel bags are similar to purses and handbags, but you will find that they are often designed for both women and for men. A travel bag may include a small bag that can be used as a carry-on bag for an airplane ride, a diaper bag, as well as a laptop carrying case and so forth.

Another one of the many different types of fashion accessories available for purchase are that of belts. For many men and boys, belts are not necessarily considered a fashion accessory, as much as they are a way to hold pants up; however, the same does not really ring true for women. Womens belts come in a number of different sizes, shapes, and styles. That is one of the reasons why womens belts and belts that may be designed for children and for teens are often referred to as fashion accessories. There are belts out there that are designed for wearing with a casual pair of jeans, as well as a pair of traditional khaki pants for work
Shoes are also considered a fashion accessory, although many do not necessarily consider them to be. Most often, womens shoes are associated as fashion accessories, as opposed to mens shoes. One of the reasons for that is due the large selection of womens shoe types that you can find available for sale. For instance, it is more than possible to find athletic shoes, casual sandals, elegant sandals, flat dress shoes, high-heeled shoes, and so forth. As with handbags and purses, many women own multiple pairs of shoes and many try to coordinate their shoes, especially for work, with the rest of their ensemble.
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

What Is Fashion Trend Really About

Your closet can give the answer. If you don't want to look at it, well.well. this resembles that you are matching your steps with the latest fashion trends. What it's relation to fashion? People stick rigidly to the rules - okay, maybe not 'YOU'. You may be one of those who walk their own way and dress as they like. When it comes to the fashion industry, it's a continuously changing world.

Even though some trends are considered as ludicrous and outdated, many other comebacks with innovative ideas.
Pace and Re-emergence of Latest Fashion Trends
Now its new millennium, but most of fashion things like the pegged pant legs, jelly bracelets, and finally the denim jeans, seem to be returning in trends again. It comes out that the latest fashion trends are simply have nothing new at all. Almost everything re-emerged in fashion trend. You can virtually find torn jeans in every clothing retail store.

The most famous fashion weeks are held at Fashion Mecca Paris, Milan, London and New York. Since the new millennium fashion weeks are held in different parts of the world to put the local fashion on the world map and making a packed fashion calendar throughout the year. A refreshing sense of national identity and pride has emerged from the achievements of fashion sector - something that was otherwise traditionally been restricted to feats of sporting prowess, adding that its benefits go well beyond the fashion world (Emling 2006).

Fashion weeks are held several months in advance giving chance to designers, media and buyers to preview the trend for the next season. Fashion weeks are bi-annual events; the fashion weeks conducted between January and March are called "fall fashion weeks" whereas the one conducted in September through November are called "Spring Fashion Weeks". Some fashion weeks can be genre-specific, such as a Miami Fashion Week (Swimwear), Prt-a-Porter (ready-to-wear) Fashion Week, Couture (one-of-a-kind designer original) Fashion Week, Palm Springs Fashion Week (Resort Collections) and Bridal Fashion Week.

Knowing where to find affordable fashion dolls will make a huge difference to your budget, especially if you don't have a lot of money to spend on this fashion doll collecting hobby of yours. Most of us don't. You don't have to have all the fashion dolls in the market today - it's not urgent! Although a point to note is that new fashion dolls are often grabbed up in minutes after they hit the stalls. Keep some spare money and budget the money you want to spend on fashion dolls every month - and don't overspend. It'll make you feel resentful and you'll soon lose interest in fashion dolls.

It was in the early 80s when the first fashion store 'Ravissant' opened in Mumbai. At that time garments were retailed for a four-figure price tag. The '80s was the era of self consciousness and American designers like Calvin Klein became popular. In India too, silhouettes became more masculine and the 'salwar kameez' was designed with shoulder pads.

With the evolution of designer stores in Mumbai, the elegant fashion design culture was a trend among Indians along with their heavy price tags. No doubt that a garment with a heavy price tag was at the bottom stage of fashion. But clients immediately transformed into the high fashion fold where they were convinced that that the word 'elegant fashion design culture' means, it had to have a higher price tag.
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Is Fashion

Many of us think that fashion applies just the clothes we wear, but in actual fact it can be applied to almost anything we do. Fashion is used to describe a means of expression. The terms "fashionable" and "unfashionable" are used to describe something that does or does not tally with the current popular mode of expression. Fashions can apply to many fields of human activity and thinking, including those such as architecture, music, speech, pastimes, etiquette, politics, and technology, to name but a few.

The broad use of the term fashion when applied to clothes was used in the past as a means of people showing solidarity with other people by their choice of clothes. However, in more realistic terms, today Modern Westerners have a wide choice of clothes available to them, and wearing what is currently in fashion is unlikely to be exactly the same as someone else. Nowadays what a person wears is more likely to be a reflection of their personal tastes and character, than wanting to imitate somebody else. However, when celebrities or people in the public eye start to wear new or different clothes, people tend to copy them and a new fashion develops, therefore the original term may still apply today.

Fashion is something that varies tremendously, not just in different eras, but also in the same generation but between different ages, social classes, professions and by location. The term "fashionista" has developed in the 21st century as a way of describing someone who is dedicated to fashion, and the development of this term is indicative of the role fashion and trends play in the contemporary age.

Fashion by its very nature, is something that is continually changing, and when applied to clothes this happens even more quickly than in other areas of social behaviour. What is an interesting phenomenon in regards to clothing fashions is that whilst something quickly becomes out of fashion, it can become fashionable again at a later date when these clothes come back into fashion again. This is something that is seen predominantly only with clothes, and not with other areas of design or human actions.

Every part of ones appearance is subject to fashion, from makeup, hair, length of skirts, and accessories, nothing is left untouched. Fashion houses and their fashion designers, as well as their celebrity clients are key in determining how clothes fashions change and how quickly. They are also the main force behind determining if something is in or out of fashion and if to bring something back in to fashion. An important part of fashion is fashion journalism, and this can be found in every magazine, newspaper, and television article around, as well as in fashion websites and blogs. This is demonstrated by the fact that Vogue, founded in the US in 1902, is now one of the longest-lasting and most popular magazines in the world, and has spurned international editions around the globe. Despite the advent of television and widespread internet coverage, press coverage is still seen by the fashion industry as the most important form of publicity in conveying the new fashion trends to society.
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Wedding Dresses For True Fashion Lovers

Fashion is a fickle thing. Styles come and go over the years. But one particular tradition has helped create an enormous industry in the United States. Even as the total number of marriages continues to fall, the revenues for the bridal industry have hit a record high. How is this possible? Because wedding costs have doubled over the past twenty years!

About two million American couples get married each year. The average cost of a traditional wedding ceremony is around $25,000. Not surprisingly, more and more couples are choosing unconventional ceremonies. The outdoor wedding, for instance, can save couples thousands of dollars.

Why is the modern wedding so expensive? It all started in 1840. That was the year Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in an elaborate royal wedding that set the tone for future generations. Instead of simple ceremonies, Western brides fell in love with the pomp and pageantry of the so-called white wedding.

White weddings were and continue to be elaborate affairs that involve designer dresses, exotic flowers and expensive decorations. They are typically all-day events that include a ceremony in a church and a reception in a fancy restaurant. The price-tag for the average contemporary white wedding is fast approaching $30,000.

As wedding costs continue to rise, couples are exploring other options. The beach and the backyard wedding are incredibly popular these days. One item that brides-to-be refuse to compromise on, however, is the wedding dress. They spend over one thousand dollars on wedding gowns, even if they agree to a more casual ceremony.

Bridal warehouses have helped bring down the cost a bit, but most brides-to-be refuse to walk down the aisle in anything less than their ideal dress. This is something the average man cannot possibly comprehend. Sexual stereotypes aside, most women invest an incredible amount of energy in finding the perfect dress. In fact, they generally start shopping for their bridal gown a full year before their big day.


The latest trend in wedding day fashion for the bride is the shift away from white. No, brides arent wearing blue or red. But they are eschewing pure white shades, since they do not compliment most skin tones. Off-white colors like champagne and ivory have grown increasingly popular in recent years. Pure white is still the top shade, but it certainly isnt the only one available at local bridal boutiques or salons.


The classic white wedding gown was an elaborate, floor-length number with a heavy train. But because more and more ceremonies are being held outdoors these days, the most popular dresses do not sweep the floor. Tea length and ballerina length gowns are now more commonplace than full-length gowns. These dresses have hemlines that fall around the ankles.


Heavy brocade wedding gowns look great coming down the aisle, but they are difficult to dance in. Not only do they weigh ten to fifteen pounds with a train, but they also dont breathe well, which is why many traditional brides buy a second, lighter gown to wear at the reception. The average price of these reception gowns is around five hundred dollars. Purchasing a shorter, lighter bridal gown can eliminate the need for a second dress.

Heavy materials like satin, silk and velvet are common for traditional gowns. As we mentioned, these materials are most assuredly eye-catching, but they do not breathe well. Lightweight fabrics like china silk and douppioni are far more comfortable. They can be worn the entire day.


The two most expensive and indispensible accessories for the bride-to-be are her shoes and her veil. Elaborate veils are quite common for indoor ceremonies. But for more casual, outdoor affairs during the summer months, shorter veils are de rigueur. The most popular short veil is called the blusher. It is a lightweight accessory that touches the shoulders and can be swept back by a stiff breeze. For indoor ceremonies, the flyaway veil is a multi-layered veil that also touches the shoulders. It is a bit more elaborate than the blusher, without being uncomfortable or obtrusive.

Shorter dresses give brides-to-be the option of adding a few interesting accessories. A high hemline, for instance, can be decorated with beads, lace or embroidery. This is an easy and inexpensive way to spice up a somewhat plain or pedestrian outdoor wedding gown.

Another fashion accessory that is quite popular with younger brides is leg wear. Beach brides often wear white fishnet stockings when they stroll down the sandy aisle. Many also choose to go barefoot and bear-legged. It all comes down to personal taste and style preferences.


While it is still considered risqu for traditional brides to wear strapless gowns in church, unconventional brides wear them all the time. Outdoor ceremonies in the grass or on the sand during the summer months generally call for shorter, strapless numbers.

Finding the right wedding gown takes patience and time. The bride-to-be should start shopping for a dress at least nine months ahead of her big day. Take some time to find your perfect wedding dress now.
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Ways To Wear Short Scarf For A More Fashionable Look

Scarf is a very versatile piece of accessory. It has multifunction. It can create varied looks out from a single outfit, it can transform a simple dress into elegant attire or it can create a ready-to-go outfit from any formal apparels.

If youre a girl, then you need to have a good collection of scarves with varied colors, cloth and lengths. This would allow you to choose the perfect scarf to blend along with the color of your dress, shoes or bag.

Scarves can be categorized as short scarves or long scarves. Some long scarves are called shawls. Scarves and shawls have different purposes and they create different style effects. There are tremendous ways of wearing a scarf or a shawl. Knowing these different ways would help you optimize the entire possible fashionable looks that can be created by these accessories.

There are three ways of wearing short scarf for a more fashionable look. It can be worn as a head wear, as a garment or as an accessory.

We can identify some reasons why people wear scarf as a head wear. It can be for protection such as from the heat of the sun, as a uniform or as an identity, or as a fashion. Wearing short scarf as a head wear has different functions too. There is a specific way of wearing a scarf as a head wear if you are going fishing, dining, strolling or partying.

There are also varied ways of wearing short scarf as a garment. How would you wear a scarf if you are going swimming in a beach? How would you wear this same scarf if you are going dining with your love or with your family and friends? How would you wear a scarf if its summer or if its winter?

Most significantly, there is a long list of ways on how to wear short scarf as an accessory. Would you want to sport to a party that same bag you bring to work? How would you create a different look for your bag through a short scarf? Tired of plain pony tails? How would you want to flash a fresh look on your hair through a scarf by not covering it entirely? How would you tie a scarf on your neck? And so much more.

Knowing how to wear a short scarf as a head wear, a garment or an accessory is very essential because it can top all the possible looks you can create from an outfit in a much fashionable way. Orienting yourself on how to experiment from your apparels and other accessories by accessorizing them with a short scarf is not only fashionable but is also practical.

All the secrets and tips on wearing a short scarf is discussed in detail in the article
3 ways to wear short scarf for a more fashionable look
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ways To Select Elegant And Fashionable Wide Shoes For Women

Locating wide shoes for women can be a nightmare without consulting medical and specialist shops. Nevertheless, additional width is something that many narrower footed individuals secretly seek in hopes of finding more comfort and a less crowded toe area. Certain medically designed brands have begun to create stylish, fashionable footwear for wider feet that have the higher heel and classic fashion relevance without placing emphasis on the health-look of orthopedic designs.

Mainstream fashion brands are focusing more often on width. This has made more trendy options easier to find in the current styles. This is made all the better by the current fashion in footwear that's putting practical designs into the mainstream.

The trend for today's high heels is in a thicker sole that's not quite as high as platforms. It has slightly thicker heels and more rounded toes. This fashion has led to a more balanced aesthetic for wider feet and sometimes lets those with foot girth shop at stores that don't specialize.

Footwear should be selected with the correct width. Many purchase shoes that are far too narrow, letting them stretch to fit the feet. This leads to a loss of elegance and ends in a look that's clearly stretched. It's much more elegant to wear a well fitting shoe because it retains its look. There is little point in trying to hide width in narrow footwear as it's ineffective.

A pointed toe isn't always the best choice for feet with more width. The toe needs only a slight roundness to balance itself out. Stilettos with extremely pointed toes and narrow heels set the aesthetics off balance and can look less attractive.

Flat footwear introduces a problem for wide feet because many of the options open to others are too masculine when they have extra girth. There are medically designed brands that don't focus on the youth of some of their clients and tend to create footwear that's old fashioned and lacking in femininity. There are, however, some that do create youthful styles.

Lace ups and hush puppy-like flats are best reserved for a particular kind of outfit. Others need flats that are far more feminine and the styles that achieve this best are Mary Janes with buckles and ballet pumps. The deep front section places width into proportion for a more feminine appeal.

Wider styles are particularly easy to find in boots these days. The square and round toes in trendy modern boots balance width well. Even when boots are practical, they have an edgy trendiness.

Boots that are wider have become increasingly popular and easy to find. UGG boots and other sports conscious styles are often sold by surfing and skiing brands. They usually have natural width without having to aim towards it. Sports wear and ski stores are well worth looking at by those with well girthed feet.

The summer months are often the easiest for finding wider footwear. The lack of constraint that sandals provide makes them easier to fit. When trying to find wide shoes for women in the hotter months, thongs can be the fastest solution. Width is almost unlimited by any straps or buckles.
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vogue Cigarettes-Women's World of Smoking Fashion and Design

Vogue cigs are produced under British American Tobacco company control in the USA, Russia, Switzerland, Holland, South Korea and South Africa. Each year, they can sell billions of cigarettes in the market. They promote their cigarette in more than 190 countries. >

The merger of British American Tobacco, with its American competitor Rothmans International in 1999, a portfolio join company added with a number of new excellent cigarettes brands among which and Vogue cigarettes. The Vogue brand became a model of womens cigarettes around the world.

From year to year Vogue cigarettes continue to increase sales volume and occupy a strong position in the premium cigarettes for women. In early 2005, to the main line of Vogue cigarettes (Vogue Lilas, Vogue Bleue and Vogue Menthol) was added aromatic version of Vogue Arome. In March 2007, was launched super-proposal Vogue Blanche and Vogue Noire. These ultra-light cigarettes are full of deep, multi-faceted taste. When smoking Vogue Blanche there is an effect of coolness, and Vogue Noire a warming effect. Despite some changing in design the multifaceted flavor of Vogue cigarettes is still remained unchanged.

Vogue cigarettes can compete with great brands like Marlboro cigarettes and Winston cigarettes.

The American Cigarette Company LTD has made Vogue cigarettes just that with the fact that not only are they popular but also have an excellent flavor. This cigarette is designed primarily for the female population. The famous pop diva Madonna used this brand name as the title of one of her very popular songs and she is also smoking it in her video. Vogue cigarettes are made up of diverse styles that will fit any womans preference and desires.

There are the Vogue Super Slims cigarettes for a woman who prefers a very slim, elegant cigarette, Vogue Super Slims Menthol cigarettes for a woman who prefers menthol and Vogue Slims cigarettes for the everyday woman. Vogue cigarettes are elegant, super-thin and long. Vogue cigarettes are made of the finest selected soft tobaccos. The refined aroma assures the smokers of a clean smoking pleasure.

This cigarette has been the preference of most women because of its smooth taste, high quality and affordable prices. Vogue Cigarettes appearance, uniqueness and noticeable taste make this brand famous among many women all over the world. The distinctive design of the Vogue packs symbolizes elegance, class and refinement. The attractive design of the pack with its white color and the miniature branch with leaves in different colors creates a romantic image for Vogue Cigarettes that is very appealing to many of its female consumers.

The Vogue cigarette is made of the highest quality tobaccos and additives which makes its taste relaxing. Vogue cigarettes have a great balance of aroma and sweet smelling tobacco. This cigarette exclusively belongs to women. Vogue brand is famous for the exquisite balance of flower and aroma, the abundance of complex tones in the tobacco bouquet and fine aroma with tender and delicate notes. This brand belongs to a decorative one on cigarettes market and sold strictly for women or for those men who wish to perceive the real female world.

The greatest part of this cigarette is its filter. The filter can give the smoker a great pleasure when inhaling. It can give a feeling of freshness to the smoker. Any woman would love this cigarette from the very first inhalation they can feel the satisfaction. All magnificent tobacco and related products be it chewing tobacco, cigars, cig lighters or cigarettes are strong with traditions connected with them. But traditions dissolve without innovations, without desire to widen the limits of habits that often hide new impressions. The collection of Vogue cigarettes represents a miscellaneous attitude to cigarettes, another edge of pleasure, and the exotic flavor, featured with the romanticism of discoveries.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vocational Courses In Fashion Designing

Fashion designing has a mammoth scope. Today, a large number of young people are opting for fashion designing courses right after their school or college. This has led to an abrupt increase in the number of fashion designing institutes in Delhi and other region of India. Fashion designing is an upcoming career and promises a great return. As a designer (clothes, jewelry or interior) you are expected to give originality and freshness to your designs. You are being paid decent amount for your designs and apparels. There is a wide choice in fashion designing course. Some of the vocational courses offered by the fashion designing institutes are as follows-

- Fashion Designing and Technology
- Garment and Manufacturing
- Industrial, textile and Apparel Design
- Textile Design
- Leather Design and Technology
- Fashion and Knitwear Technology
- Embroidery Fabric Painting
- Jewelry Design and Technology
- Apparel Production and Design.
- Interior Design

There are innumerable career options in fashion designing. You can work with designer houses, garment and textile industry, jewelry houses, boutique, leather manufacturing stores, films, TV etc. Today Media has become a great place for various fashion designers, jewelry designers or interior decorators etc to earn name, fame and lots of money. All the top-notch designers are being paid an excellent amount for designing apparel, jewelry, accessories or sets for the movie and serials. .

In the recent years there India has witnessed an unlimited growth in fashion. Today, fashion has become global and has spread even in small cities and towns of India. India has seen maximum growth of fashion industry in the recent past and has now become one of the major hubs for many fashion companies. Fashion is no more restricted to elite classes and celebrities but today even the middles class society can afford to buy designer clothes, jewelry, accessories, footwear for special occasions such as wedding, parties, festivals etc. This has widened the horizon of fashion designers, now they not only concentrate on creme of the society but also cater with the taste and dislikes of the middle section of the society.

This is true that fashion designing offers plethora of other courses which opens the door of various career choice and prospects. However, to succeed in this profession you are expected to be give new creations and designs every time and also need to keep pace with the constant changing tastes of customers and clients. There are many other challenges that you may have to come across, such as- extensive pressure from the industry, long working hours, constant marketing threats and aggressive competition from rivals.

Despite of so many challenges and competition fashion designing is an exciting career and holds vast job opportunities for the hard working individuals.

To become a successful designer it is very imperative to choose the right fashion institute. The fashion designing institutes in Delhi offer degree as well as diploma both but one must only seek admission in the reputed institute or college. There are many fashion designing institutes who are only into the business of money making without any job assistance and proper training. Hence, one must be very alert before applying in any institute. It is advisable for every aspiring fashion student to spend a quality time on Internet which keeps all the record information of various fashion designing institutes in Delhi and India.

Besides many private institutes for fashion designing, today you could find a good number of government institutes offering graduate degree and post graduate diploma in fashion designing. An admission test is conducted before you take admission in any government college.
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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Variety superimposed down jacket fashion

Overlay" is a new term was born in the field of clothing to wear, meaning inside and outside with different clothes to wear. With the popularity of outdoor living, master good Cheap North Face Jackets "superposition rule" to meet warm while winter outdoor activities to ensure both fashion sense. This winter, the top outdoor sports brand launched by the North Face down jacket series is more suitable for the superposition wearing. The North Face Down "middle" of the series is superimposed wearing the preferred product
Long-sleeved warm down jacket, filler cashmere large goose down, in meet warm under the premise, to minimize its own weight; moderate charge down the amount did not affect the free extension of the limbs on material together with gentle The stretch fabric to further enhance the comfort of wearing. Although the environment of long-sleeved warm down jacket just in between minus ten degrees below zero, but using the superposition wearing can cope with any situation.
In environment colder outgoing, can be long-sleeved warm down jacket to wear as inside, plus a North Face's Jackets can cope; worn alone Chromic long-sleeved warm down jacket for winter outdoor environment, not only to meet the warm the demand for, and does not seem bloated sac drum.
Fashion short sleeve down jacket, filler warm Cheap North Face down jacket and long-sleeved, easy to charge down the amount that it applies to any situation in a more flexible and a variety of superimposed wearing. Stylish short-sleeved jacket style compact, close-fitting, short-sleeve design layouts is reflected not only more functional, dash of playful fashion taste. Although fashion short sleeve down jacket in the middle superimposed style appearance, but in the actual match wearing, it can ride as the outer section.
Fashion short sleeve down jacket as a mid-level within the temperature control underwear, plus Jackets, increase the temperature elevated, and easy on any discrepancy in the closed environment of temperature control; can also be used as the outer layer, only one inside the ride outlast control warm underwear can appear to be agile and casual. A Cheap Oakley Sunglasses series of mid-level basis with other North Face clothing, he can show a pattern superimposed worn and diverse. So, not only the rich functionality of the outdoor down jacket, but also to meet the fashion needs of the outdoor crowd dressed itself. Full play to the understanding of fashion, "overlay" piercing the feather modeling.
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Urban Fashion Street Wear The City Look

The world of urban fashion has come a long way since its mere beginnings in the 1970s. Urban clothing, also known as hip-hop clothing, street wear or the city look has expanded to now being created by some of the lead designers around the world. Urban fashion started in New York, New York. Quickly after, the trend spread to other large cities, including that of Detroit, Los Angeles and Chicago.

When hip-hop music started to become more popular in the late 1970s, listeners began following the fashion guidance of such popular hip-hop artists. Brands such as Nike and Adidas began to skyrocket with shoe sales. These shoes and track clothing articles were modeled after artists such as L.L. Cool J and Run DMC.

After street shoes had grown in popularity, then did accessories such as: extra-large sunglasses, gold and silver plated necklaces and oversized earrings. Hip-Hop artists such as Salt n Pepa sported their baggy jeans, with large hooped earrings and plated jewelry. Both men and women alike expressed interest in the new style.

In the early 1990s a dramatic change in colors began with respects to urban clothing. Neon and brightly colored shirts, pants, hats and accessories began to be worn. Such clothing was mixed and matched to create a bold look on the streets. T-shirts that looked as if they had been spray painted, or tagged also become popular, imitating a look that projected what was actually seen on the streets.

During the mid 1990s famous hip-hop artists caught on to the trend, and started becoming designers for their very own lines of urban outfitting. Certain brands that were already established also grew in popularity, like that of Tommy Hilfiger, which was strongly represented by Puff Daddy and Snoop Dog. FUBU jeans also started to increase their sales, thanks to Nelly and his crew.

Besides designer pieces, general pieces of clothing also started to become popular. Shirts with hoods, now referred to as, hoodies, are now a piece of most every individuals closet space. Oversized, solid t-shirts also became a popular look, with street denim. The plain Ts created a blank canvas for oversized accessories or designer jeans to stand out and be seen.

Urban clothing designers today are focusing their attention on Generation X. Generation X is a more savvy audience in that they have taken fashion designers best creations only to mix and match them and make them their own.

While bohemian chic and the grunge look was used for quite some time by urban Xs as a weapon in politics and rebellion, this group is now seeing that the true spirit of fashion is not just about breaking rules for the sake of it but exploring how the rules can relate to the way they seem themselves in the world. This group is asking how they can express their individuality.

This generation of urban consumers have also become quite sophisticated in understanding how their clothing ought to fit and how fashion works. Designers are responding to this, making alterations such as designing mens pants that hang from the waist and reach just above the shoe for a classy look or designing traditional dress shirts and tailored clothing. Both of these looks are making a new trendy statement.

For those urban street savvy individuals who arent into loud colors and yet want to maintain their unique look, fashion designers are giving them the best in denim wear and mixing it with a traditional sportswear.

How does this look? Graphic t-shirts that are not the clichd skulls on tees but have complex graphics on them. Comfortable jeans with nothing on them. Khakis, cotton pants, and even contradiction such as wearing a destroyed t-shirt beyond recognition teamed up with a pair of clean-cut jeans. Or vice versa.

Urban fashion always changed, as it should, lest everybody be wearing the same thing and nobody appearing unique.
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Urban Fashion Icp Clothing Vs. Hip Hop Clothing

If you were asked to describe traditional hip hop clothing in one word, chances are you would say baggy. At least that would have been how to describe hip hop clothing ten years ago, when gangster rap was in and the expected wear was baggy jeans, a baggy jersey, and drooping chains. Today, hip hop clothing is much more fashionable.

For example, Kanye West is such an icon when it comes to hip hop clothing that hes even designed his own fashion lines. At that didnt come at the expense of his music 2010s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy topped many critics and fans best 2010 year-end list, and is expected to win every category its nominated for at the GRAMMYS this year.

So if mainstream hip hop artists like Kanye West are innovating both sonically and fashionably, what about superstars of micro hip hop genres like horror rap? The one group thats nearly a household name in this genre is Insane Clown Posse, and ICP clothing is in some ways different, in some ways similar to mainstream hip hop clothing.

Of course, not all hip hop artists are as obsessed with fashion as Kanye West is. In fact, there are many rappers today that dress the same way they did 10 years ago, placing emphasis on loose clothing. This is how ICP clothing is meant to be worn. ICP clothing wont win any awards for innovation, and ICP clothing wont be seen worn by models walking down any runway. Instead, ICP clothing consists of big jean shorts or baggy jeans for pants, and even larger tops like plaid button ups or hanging T-shirts.

The one garment thats become ubiquitous in hip hop clothing, the wife beater, can also be seen on Shaggy 2 Dope every so often as well. So if this was what most rappers were wearing in the 90s, what makes ICP clothing today different than the hip hop clothing worn by other rappers whose style has changed little? One thing: The hatchetman.

The legend of how the hatchetman a hatchet-yielding cartoon character came to be the universal symbol for all things ICP or Psychopathic Records is well known to all, and the guys have made a killing by branding every form of ICP clothing imaginable with the hatchetman. You can find ICP clothing like hatchetman jerseys, hatchetman T-shirts, hatchetman jeans, hatchetman hats, hatchetman bikini tops, hatchetman beanies, etc. The list of ICP clothing thats embroidered with a hatchetman figure goes on and on.

So the moral of the story is while ICP clothing may not have advanced tenfold since the 90s like some other rappers and their hip hop clothing, it doesnt matter because ICP has been able to leverage their hatchetman logo and sell a boatload of ICP clothing as merchandise. Because thats the case, it doesnt matter that the ICP clothing style hasnt changed much!
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Unique Selling Propositions For Fashion Business

Any business plan has the three magic letters USP (unique selling proposition). Prior to any new design creation or a series for the season it is essential to brainstorm on the look of the launch collection. This is a quite a process wherein team leaders vouch for various themes and the decision maker finalises on a project. In a creative field, like fashion designing such management principles are hard to applied. But for survival in this-day competition this is essential.

USP can be a colour, a dress apparel, or simply exquisite dupatta or mens jhuttis. Dramatic projections on the ramp at a fashion shows are not a reality. This is known to all and hence such creations minus the props are regular sales. It is an extensive work by your marketing team to decide on the launch product. Maintaining the brand is essential. In a desire to augment sales the brand positioning should not be compromised.

Once the brand or the fashion designer has won recognition his reputation is unquestioned. Fashion designing is just not about influencing and begetting customers from Page 3. Its an era of awareness and to far-reach your sales. Niche clientele is a fleeting lot and succumbs to anything anew. Hence the need to re-invent.

Originality sells! Brand sells! And also distinguished complete works. The mannequin outside your store is impressive but the reality should match. Sizes should be well stocked when you are confident about your sales. Promptness and pro-active customer attending is necessary for business.

Working on the entire look is important. Employ an expert stylist with draping experience to help customers choose the best. investing in a good advertising agency assures the brand and culminates in sales too.

Planning, research and cultivating new styles goes to maintain a USP. If your USP is cotton and linen then try sequin or pearl embellishments this season. Co-ordinate the same with pointy shoes (a comeback trend) with similar patterning and work. Accessorize well and tie up with leading jewelry brands.

Encourage window shopping, videos on ramp walking and catalogues at reception. Choose a prominent space for hoardings depending on the clientele. Dont load too much information in print or television. Let the creation speak for itself!
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Unique Handcrafted Fashion Jewellery

Handcrafted jewellery is now available to use in unusual fashion pieces and we can find earrings, jewellery sets, bracelets and necklaces that have all been made from imitation metals and semi-precious stones. These designs are becoming more popular with every season.

Unique pieces of handcrafted fashion jewellery have always played a large and important part when a woman has been dressing and putting her outfit together. In the past woman only had traditional; designs to choose from that had been handmade from precious metals of gold and silver and these had intricate designs that had been set with freshwater pearls and with precious gemstones. Stunning necklace jewellery, jewellery sets of matching pieces, bracelets and handcrafted earrings all played a part of these collections and many of these pieces were not just worn for their amazing beauty but to show the world the wealth the wearer owned.

Our traditional pieces of handcrafted jewellery are still treasured and held in esteem but as the cost of gold and other precious metal like silver and platinum rises and Diamonds, Rubies, Topaz and Opals became out of our reach these pieces are being saved for special events like weddings, official occasions and evening galas.

Imitation handcrafted jewellery is now able to replace these precious pieces are there are now very good substitutes on the market giving us unique jewellery designs at affordable prices. Stunning earrings that have glass pearls instead of freshwater pearls, charm bracelets that have been handcrafted from metal alloys instead of gold and silver, some of these charms are in beautiful and bright colours with amazing enamelled designs. Necklaces that are set with semi-precious stones like Rose Quartz, Turquoise and Tigers Eye instead of precious gemstones like diamonds, Rubies and Emeralds. There are jewellery sets that have earrings, necklaces and bracelets that have been crafted in the same design in the same materials.

Fashion handcrafted jewellery can offer us many new designs that are fresh and young in style and follow all the latest fashions. They change with the seasons so we can accessories our fashionable outfits with unusual jewellery designs. These pieces are brought to use in different price ranges to suit different pockets and with this comes different qualities.

Not only is it our budget we have to consider when purchasing a piece of handcrafted jewellery but we have to know which outfit we are looking to compliment and for what occasion. Do you require a string of beautiful elegant pearls to go with that little black dress for a formal occasion or is it a plain pendant to wear casually? Jewellery sets that have crystals in these unique jewellery designs will add shine and glamour to your attire and when they catch the light they will come alive.

Many more materials are used in the creation of these pieces of unique handcrafted jewellery designs were the jewellers imagination has been inspired with shells, amazing handmade glass beads, polished wood, brightly coloured acrylics and feathers are all incorporated in there unusual jewellery designs.

These imitation pieces use many different types of metal alloys and these are a mixture of metals that are used to give the impression of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. Some of the colour of these metals is all through and some are plated so this is something you have to look for as you do not want to end up with a dull piece of unusual jewellery because the colour has come off the metal. These metal alloys could be set with semi-precious stones and false diamonds like rhinestones and crystals. Plainer designs may have been handcrafted from metals with a filigree designs and earrings, necklaces, jewellery sets and bracelets can all be purchased from these alloys.

These pieces of handcrafted jewellery are not only for the young, we can find stylish designs crafted from imitation metals and stones and these come in the form of gold coloured chains that can be worn in layers, stud earrings that have cabochons of semi-precious stones, bracelets that have been strung with glass pearls, jewellery sets in elegant designs and necklaces set with semi-precious beads.
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Try To Outrun The Fashion Police

Fashion is a spicy topic today in media and among small groups. It has a powerful influence in appearance and slang, it even defines a country. Every culture determines their fashion statements and trends.

In fact, it controls what persons eat, where they visit, the latest informal expressions, clothing and hairstyles. The term manipulates individual's time and worship investment. That is to say, many spend time following the news and magazines, to see the latest trend.

Worship or magnifying the trends involve spending excessively or doing whatever it takes to pursue it. Once it loses that popularity flavor, trendsetters strive to either recreate or invent something new and followers emulate. The term is very addictive and even though fun, it sometimes causes harm.

Unbelievably, when someone says the word, many automatically think of women. This is not far from facts, but men also associate themselves with the term. Men strive to find the latest jackets, t-shirts, technology gadgets and games, while, women adore the trendiest hairstyles, dresses and wedding rings.

The term is often used as a positive information reservoir, where role models in blogs and celebrity television, describe to the public what is trendy versus opposite. For that reason, individuals keep abreast with the trend and become aware of the dos and don'ts. The media marketing team helps to also broadcast that relevant information, which may spread beyond one country.

Before one is aware, numerous cultures become a fan of the style. Shops take advantage of making money, by selling products related to the vogue, but only for a period. Once style fades, there is a possibility of reforming it at a later time.

Therefore, it involves a simple cycle and re-emergence of latest trends. A trend is hunted immediately, appears in the media which includes marketing, and then individuals imitate the style.

Musicians are also highly influential when it comes to setting trends. The various genres, ranging from rock n roll, rap, hip hop, and reggae, determine someone's mood and association. For example, persons who listen to reggae suggest to others their affiliation with a Caribbean country.

Likewise, many label rock n roll music lovers as wild and dark. Recently published popular music albums motivate persons to purchase. This helps them keep abreast and have a sense of belonging. Even though the style industry has positive features, it magnetizes drawbacks. These include the following:

Stylish men might get the title gay or homosexual. Previous generation beliefs are contrary to modern, where men were viewed as bread winners, aggressive and unconcerned about appearance. Any man, who appeared sensitive and invested time in how he looked, was classified as gay. Although fading, that concept still lives today.

Teenagers experience peer pressure. Teenagers feel the need to follow, in order to, be accepted by popular groups. If unable to their low-self esteem grows. This is especially, when influential teenagers tease them about their appearance.

Credit card expenses. Face facts, this is a money making venture. Enticing advertisements simply stimulate the imaginations and people fall for it.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tory Burch Handbags Fall Fashion Week Of 2011

Wow, Tory Burch is more talented and beautiful than other fashion designer. The fall 2022 New York Fashion Week handbags, do you see? Tory Burch, a fashion designer in setting up their own brand, goes sweet and elegant lines.
Tory Burch sent her fall 2011 collection at New York Fashion Week runway the day before yesterday .And it was full of traditional fall colors, heavy coat, small floral prints, plaid, an agency of the Cross-sac a small shoulder bag (Tory Burch dean handbags) and two other distinct styles handbag and Tory Burch Fringe Satchel Handbag (Soft leather with polished edge differs from the base. thin silhouette look sophisticated. Rolled leather handles. Zip top. Gold tone is hardware. Gold tone is Tory Burch logo pages. Tan lining and zip pocket phone.).

Two styles of Tory Burch Handbags presented the track were stylish and new fall 2011 as part of a medium-sized, casual, Bag Lady and the portfolio of vintage-inspired.

Tory Burch Handbags Lady might were your best choose, soft leather and gleaming logo and mysterious sign. With the style bags, more elegancy and sexy you will be. At the big fashion stage, showing your allure and style, proud and confident you will be than before. The two tones Bag Lady is paired with a small event loop running skirt and jacket in a silk blouse.

Tory Burch has also created a vintage-inspired event, shown in brown color and black color. The case includes a detachable shoulder strap and top handle, you can use it at your disposal, no matter which way you want, you can change it voluntary. The casual style of case may lends itself to a relaxed working environment and gives you more pleasure feelings. Formal office attire does not marry well with the vintage leather and relaxed silhouette of this case. Tory Burch is a mysterious vane of fashion, no matter where you go, you can see it on every poster.
For the moment, new arrival of Tory Burch Handbags and Discount Tory Burch Sandals are hot sale. A new stylish storm of Tory Burch is coming in the internet, if only you search the two words of Tory Burch, you can get more surprise. And if you enter a tbshoppingmall website, you will get more surprise beyond your expression. Just enter it and make wise decision, more happiness you will get.
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Top Fashion Trends For Fall 2011

A blast from the past, cropped tops add flirty texture and shape to any outfit. Pair short crop tops with longer tanks or long sleeves, or show a little hip. Vintage patterns, sheer fabrics and flirty florals can help you pull off the low-effort feminine look.

Next we'll jump to peasant blouses. Peasant blouses add a sweet, sensual touch to any outfit. Delicate lacey knits and smocked patterned tops add flow to any look and make a great layering piece. Some peasant tops also come off the shoulder simply amplifying your sugar and spice.

Third on our list are sheer blouses. Translucency can be a beautiful thing. Sheer blouses can be used as a more intimate layer over a bandeau or under a jacket. Sheer tops add depth, dimension, and fluidity to any outfit and can be paired with relaxed denim, a skirt, or patterned shorts.

Off the shoulder tops are not just a garment from the 80s. Off the shoulder tops add a little softness to any look with delicate ruffles, vintage patterns, and finely detailed fabrics. Stitched into vintage cuts with free flowing fabrics, shoppers will find new off the shoulder sweaters girly and super sweet for the fall.

Next on our list for the fall are cotton tunics. Cotton tunics can be warm & fun for those chillier evenings & come in so many colors, textures, and patterns its impossible to name them all. Varying necklines, fabric textures, knits, cuts, and colors, these tunics are must haves for the fall. Flowing, airy fabrics are perfect for warm weather and can be layered as the autumn air grows colder. Whether your style is flirty, edgy, earthy, or anywhere in between, cotton tunics provide the flexibility to match several styles.

Tunic sweaters are the final item on our fall 2011 list. Tunic sweaters are a must have as the weather gets colder. Shoppers will find that tunic sweaters come in a variety of romantic knits, lower necklines, chic silhouettes, and sweet sleeve lengths. Tunic sweaters can be paired with leggings and boots, or worn as a dress, cinched in with a boho belt and dressed up with platforms. Long tunic sweaters create a cute relaxed silhouette that says effortless yet sweet and sexy.

With all of the new fashions created every season, it's hard to keep up with all of the changing styles. The above guide should push anyone with fashion questions for this fall in the right direction. Whether you're short or tall, a double zero or a 14, peasant blouses, sheer blouses, cotton tunics & tunics sweaters are just some of the ideas to make this season comfortable & fashionable.
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top 10 Indian Fashion Blogs

A very in thing, blogging has become a buzz word among those who are regulars on the net to catch the latest news, product reviews and comments on a variety of topics. Be it sports, travel, food, lifestyle or fashion, blogs can be the best place to update yourself.

For those who keep abreast of the upcoming blogs on a regular basis, it is seen, that Fashion blogs make for more visits. This is because fashion is something that is transitory and makes for a very important part in the daily life of an individual. Whether you are a teenager, or a working professional or a homemaker, wearing the right clothes and the newest range shows how important fashion and your sense of personal grooming are to you. Fashion blogs therefore are the best places to look in for news related to dresses, jewelry, handbags, shoes etc.

From a personal approach, fashion blogs nowadays have become more commercial in nature. Every interested buyer now wants to invest in something which is classy and worth the money. Taking tips from the fashion blogs makes for a feasible option. Advices on what to buy, from where to buy and tips on mix and match style are common in fashion blogs. The added attraction is the lines contributed by fashion retailers to promote their products and online services. So, next time before going shopping, make sure to catch the most up-to-date fashion trends on the top 10 Indian Fashion blogs. They are: A comprehensive guide for the wise shopper. This official blog keeps their customer posted with updated news and reviews so that you get to see, select and buy from the latest range of traditional Indian fashion as well as footwear, jewelry, handbags, Indo western wear, home dcor etc. This is one of the best fashion blogs that you can come across. Featuring fashion trends, celeb fashion, beauty tips, collection for different seasons showcased by lead designers as well as style tips; this is one place to know it all. Featuring Indian style as well as its presence in the global fashion, this blog deals with everything starting from music, politics to beauty. Specializing in bridal dresses and designer traditional sarees, this blog is a must visit for them who want to look good in ethnic wear in all festivities and family occasions. You can get immense information about lehenga cholis, sarees, salwar kameez etc. Dedicated solely to fashion, this blog features all the recent fashion fundas in the industry. Showcasing the works of lead designers like Sabyasachi and his dexterity in recreating the glamour and magic of royal era in his modern sarees and salwar kameez to jewelry and fashion exhibitions, this blog makes for a must read. All the latest news about celebrity fashion is available in this blog. Right from their personal fashion favorites to what they think are value for money are featured here. The blog to catch on with the recent trends in street fashion to fashion among the stars. Also the good place to update one about top brands and labels. For shoppers interested in Indian apparel like kurtis, sarees, jewelry and lehengas this blog is a good place to find the best online shopping sites that specialize in Indian wear. Dedicated particularly to regional favorite fashion, this blog showcases the beauty of the traditional womens attire of Kerala. This blog reflects the varieties of Indian fashion clothing comprising of shawls, skirts, kaftans as well as jewelries available with Shalini fashions.
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Toddler Fashion Essentials

Toddlers are bustling kids. They love to experience things and to move around like there's no tomorrow. They get easily jaded. Toddlers have short attention span. When shopping for toddlers garments, there are many things to regard like the colours, designs, your budget and the fabrics used. One trick to mix up your child closet a bit with modern and basics clothing collections.

Modern Toddlers Garments
The fashion for kids has greatly revolutionized. Kids are learning how to be picky with what clothes they wear. Since kids fashion has been a great deal in the fashion industry, designers and kids clothes retailers are coming up with new clothes almost regularly. There are designer and name-brand clothes that you wish you were a kid again. However, these items may be a little too expensive. If you have the money to overindulge then go on. But if you have limited budget try Target and Walmart because they have plenty of great collections to choose from. The prices are competitive too. If you cant find these stores within your vicinity, try to browse online because there are many online stores that sell modern clothes for discount. Cited below are examples of modern toddlers clothes that you may find interesting:

A lot of parents love legwarmers for their little tots. They are warm to wear and there are so many adorable designs to choose from. If your little toddler is still wearing diaper, legwarmers make diaper changing easy.

Cotton Suits
Cotton suits are practical wear for your young tot. There are so many fantastic colours and designs to choose from. If you have a daughter, pick out a nice flower design suit. For your lad, you can choose motor cross designs or animal prints. These suits are made of cotton so you do not have to worry much about your child scratching all over.

Knitted Hats
The fact is children look charming all on their own. Throw them in a basic apparel and they will still look innocent and charming. One good trick is to learn how to match together different pieces of clothing. Accessorizing is another trick. Hats are great accessories. It normally protects the head. Moreover, there are fashionable knitted hats that you can buy your child. There are knitted football hats, bunny hats and bunny hats. Adding hats in your childs collection should be fun to do.

Peasant Attire
Peasant dress looks charming in any little girl. These dresses area on hand almost everywhere. They come in several wonderful designs. There are peasant dresses that are reversible, which means you are getting more of what you have actually paid for. Since, you are getting two dresses for the price of one!

Basics Toddlers Attire
These clothes are practical and heavy-duty. These items can be used for everyday wear. They are fundamentals in your childs clothing collections. Following are must haves in your childs collection:

Tees are classics. They can be matched with any denims, skirts and shorts. They are easy to wear. Since, toddlers are active individuals and they sweat a lot, see that you purchase cotton fabrics. Tees now come in different designs and colours as well. You can choose the plain colour or white tees or play around and buy vintage tees for a change.

Shorts And Skirts
Shorts are light to wear and they are very sporty. Boys and girls can wear shorts. They make toilet training easy as well. Skirts on the other hand are essentials for girls. They are cute and endearing. These days, you can find various designs of shorts and skirts in local and online retailers.

No need to be a fashion expert to come up with the perfect collection for your little toddler. Just be creative and learn how to improvise. Mix and match basics and modern clothes and your child will look adorable in any circumstance.
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Tips To Arrange For Fashion Shows In London

Organizing a fashion show is a real off-putting job. A lot of aspects are to be taken care of and close attention is to be followed to ensure the success of your show. Apart from this, it is rather very important that you should not miss even a single detail as this can cause a great disaster in your show. Let us shred light on some of the most crucial tips to help your show become not only successful but one of its kind.


First and foremost, it is very important to set a budget. While doing so, you may need to consider the cause of sponsorship which you hope to fetch. It is very essential to be proactive for this cause. You need to develop a strategy and then approach the potential sponsors the moment you start planning your show.


Another vital aspect of a show is its theme. Thus it is important for you to decide a theme or concept of the show. You need to decide the fashions that you aim to model and further begin looking for the models that can fit in those styles in the show. You also need to plan the decorations, music and determine the number of visitors you are expecting.


Most of the fashion shows in London demand stylish and funky fashion venues in London. Central London area not only offers some of the best venues for hire but also assure the success of the show due to their close proximity to the nearby significant landmarks. It is also important to select a venue that ideally represents your brand too.

Dcor and Set Up

It is equally important to ensure the best dcor as per the theme of your show. In addition make sure that there is ample space for the runway as well as the audience. You can also look for some space to serve cocktails after the show. Check out the details of the sound system that has been offered at the venue. Next aspect is to check the area for the models to dress up.


As the exciting event approaches, you need to start advertising as well as send invitations all through London. You also need to plan for the music that will go along the fashion displays and what the sequence of the modeling. Every detail is critical from the beginning to the end of the show.
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Timeless Fashion With Designer Jeans

With the popularity of designer jeans reaching all time heights, it is no wonder that people want to look for them on the Internet. It has never been easier to find stylish dungarees on-line. Many brands sell their trousers on the net because of the massive amount of sales they receive. People love to buy different types of dungarees and even buy them as gifts for their loved ones.

Many men want to wear comfortable trousers while working long hours. It is important for a man to be comfortable. Some men are very active and enjoy taking part in sports where they rely on comfortable shorts. Some men have trousers that they wear every day and completely love them. They don't want to wear anything else. Their wife may nag them into smartening up, but they are happy as they are. After-all, it's the men who wear the trousers.

For many men, their comfortable jeans are one of the most precious clothes in their wardrobe. They can mix and match them with other clothes so easily. Often it isn't even that they are the most expensive item of clothing or the most stylish. It has more to do with the versatility that they offer. They can be worn around the home, in the work place, whilst dating or going on casual outings.

The right pair of trousers must be chosen. For a man, comfort is usually the most important aspect of choosing slacks. If a man is uncomfortable in his trousers, then it will show. Therefore, there is no point in trying to squeeze into a fashionable pair of pants just because they are the latest design. Of course, there are some men who do, but they are usually paid to wear this type of pant.

If you are only choosing trousers to go out in or lounge around the house, there may be only a few restrictions when buying a wash and fit. However, if you are wearing trousers every day at work, then comfort must come first. Make sure that your dungarees look good with trainers, walking boots or dress shoes.

There is a great deal of different materials that slacks are made from. Denim is a common type that is worn often. However, cotton pants are popular in the summer months, when the weather is hot.

Shorts are mainly worn in hot weather because they are more comfortable. Men love wearing shorts on the beach whilst surfing or taking part in other sports. Swimming trunks provide a good level of comfort and convenience on the beach.

Straight leg are usually extremely tight, but this does depend on the brand. The type of fitting often depends on the particular brand. Some men find that a particular brand is their favourite and are loyal to them. Styles range from boot-cut, straight-leg, skinny fit, flare and wide.

Designer jeans will always be fashionable. They are a timeless fashion that will never get old. It is interesting that there are so many styles of jean. It is even possible to go on the Internet and order a ready made pair to your measurements.
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Timeless Fashion Of Little Black Dresses

Many celebrities love to wear little black dresses in order to add more glamour to their chic personalities. There are no particular boundaries to adopt a specific fashion tendency. Women of the present age can feel free to adopt any kind of trend as per their interests. However, make sure that you choose black dresses that can give awesome flattering looks. Fashion conscious women cannot be satisfied with ugly and old-fashion clothing. They need modish little black outfits for wearing in the summer and winter. A dress can be modified according to seasonal variations. A short black outfit is ideal for wearing in the summer because it can give maximum relaxation to your body in the hot and humid environment.

Some special types of black dresses are perfect for the winter. You can also wear a little black attire during chilly days. Actually, everyone is free to adopt her fashion leanings. Black is the only color that is used to highlight the outstanding features of body. Moreover, unattractive body parts can be concealed using high-flying black attire. It is true that little black dresses come in various styles under different brand names. However, a short-knee black outfit can never be out of fashion trends. Such type of dress is always attention grabbing. Demand for short-knee dresses normally enhance especially in the summer. This is due to the lightweight of short knee attires.

Styles vary from brand to brand. Some renowned brands are particularly known for creating stylish black dresses. They do not compromise on creating lower-quality dresses. Therefore, it is better to choose most reliable and trendy brand for getting chic attires. A black dress can carry dozens of beautiful accessories. Fashion accessories like earrings, hand bags and jewels can add more to the grace of black outfits. Some women think that there is no use of wearing non-piercing jewelry because it looks old-fashioned. I must say that no one can reduce the immense importance of non piercing jewelry items. They give best appearance especially with black clothing.

Velvet is an important fabric to prepare glittering black outfits. Most of the women want to get velvet black dresses. They give a graceful look to the wearer. Young girls of present age are more conscious about mini black outfits than old women. This is because old women do not have to attend so many parties. Nevertheless, little black attires play an important role in fashion industry.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Things You Ought To Know When Buying Wholesale Fashion Jewelry For Kids

Play time is a great pastime for kids. They realize how to make friends and to share what they have with their friends. Most little girls like to play pretend games with their friends. They like to dress up as pretty little princesses and ballerinas. Not like boys, they can play all day long and can still look amazingly cute with their dazzling little attire. If you have a daughter who likes to socialize with friends and play make up believe games, you ought to get her a great set of fancy jewelries. Fancy jewelries are so fab and fashionable. Costume dresses can range from a simple fancy dress to an exaggerated princess costume. Fahion jewelries can blend with different costumes and dresses. They are available in various designs and materials. If you are looking for fashion jewelry by the dozen for your little girl and her friends to share, here are marvelous places to shop:

Buy In Flea Market
Flea market is generally known as swap meet. This is a great place to find economical and reasonably priced jewelry. You can also find recycled goods in flea markets that are sold in reasonable prices. Aside from those, you can also find different booths for kids fashion jewelries. Fashion jewelries in flea markets can range from necklaces to pearls, beads and other astounding designs.

Find Exemplary Jewelry Deals In Open Air Market
Besides the usual food, clothes and cosmetics, people can find fashion jewelries for kids in open air markets. The fashion jewelries can be sold by piece or by dozen. You can find all sorts of design from handmade beaded necklaces to silver jewelries that little girls love. This is a great place to take your daughter because she can help pick out the designs that she likes. You can also haggle prices especially if you will buy big quantities.

Hair Accessories Wholesalers
If you are looking for exceptional deals in hair ornaments like clips, clamps, headbands and barrettes, find a local or online hair accessories wholesalers. They also sell voguish costume jewelries that your babe will surely adore. They supply the best mixture of ornaments, rings, brooches and other whole sale fashion jewelries at reasonable prices. Some wholesalers also accept orders per piece. So if you wish to buy your daughter the most excellent fashion jewelries at fraction of a cost, see the offer and on hand products of these hair accessories wholesalers.

Online Dealers And Online Stores
E-commerce has greatly change the way people trade merchandise and products. Now people can look for the things they like just by browsing the web. E-commerce on the other hand is exceedingly different. Shopping online doesnt force you to sweat like a pig just to find your kids fashion jewelries selection. Narrow your seaches and surely you will find great dealers that are offering fashion jewelries in wholesale. Another advantage of online marketers is that consumers can simply order and pay their purchases online. Once orders are submitted, simply encode the shipping options and the amount to pay. Some online companies can allow buyers to choose the colors and design of the items even if that customer is ordering in bulk.

Kids can demonstrate themselves through play. If you are purchasing accessories for your little girl, consider the tips above and you will certainly discover the most excellent discounts and pieces for your little girl pretend games selection or showcase.
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

These Shoes Have Never Been Out Of Fashion

Not all shoes are worn for comfort. Some of them have become status symbols, fashion accessories and sex tools. Women wear High Heels to attract men with their seemingly endless slim legs, accentuated by the wearing of these shoes.

The most comfortable of this footwear would have to be about four centimetres high. If they are any higher most women will find them impossible to walk on.

When did these shoes make their entrance? It was a long time ago, as long as the ancient Pharaohs when pictures of this type of footwear were first seen. People of high class and also butchers used to wear them. The Pharaoh's court used them as status symbols, whilst the lowly butchers wore them for practical reason to prevent them from standing in pools of animal blood.
They were worn all over the Middle East and in ancient Rome. In the middle Ages people, both men and women began to wear raised heels to prevent their feet being covered in mud and muck as they walked along the filthy roads of the cities. At that time roads were merely mud tracks, as nobody had thought about paving their thoroughfares.

Later still, huntsmen, warriors and any persons who were in the habit of riding a horse, found that these heels stopped their feet sliding out of the stirrups. It can, therefore, be seen that the earlier examples mostly had practical use in mind.Mostly, because the women from Turkey were wearing shoes that were so high that they had to use sticks to be able to totter around in them. If no sticks were available, they roped their servants in to help them walk.

Although most of these types of shoes are worn by women, men do also sometimes wear them. If they are vertically challenged heels become a kind of vanity as they were embarrassed about their short stature. Men usually try to hide the fact that they have increased their heel height by having shoes made that will hide the fact that they are built up varieties.

Wearing heels of this size has become very much a tool for women to get their legs noticed, as mentioned above. Manufacturers have jumped aboard and have set about to satisfy the demand for these shoes. They are mainly used for evening wear, but they are also often used by women to increase their status in the work place.

When shopping for this kind of footwear one can get out to the local shopping centre and visit a pair of shoe shops. It is much easier, however, just logging on to the internet. This is especially handy if your work schedule is tight as shopping this way can be done with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in one hand, whilst the other operates the mouse of your computer.

There are many sites to choose from and they all have a vast array of shoes available for any occasion. When your card details have been approved, your shoes will appear within a short period of time.
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Trendy Types Of Fashion Trainers For Individuals

There are numerous footwear products available both in retail stores and through online shops, some may cater for a specific sport like running or they could cater to fulfil a footballers needs. Although these products have a great use, they do have just a sole use, for a practical pair of footwear that can be worn every day and that would meet current trends the individual would seek a pair of fashion trainers.

A lot more people are employed now than there were say twenty years ago; although everyone does a different job which means that some do have strict dress codes they must adhere to, it also means there are people who have careers where they do wear footwear that is entirely down to their personal choice and they are often deciding to purchase ones that are suitable for them being on their feet all day.

Retailers understand that not everyone is involved in sport but they may still like to wear trainers, they are now creating shoes that are recognisable by designer labels and popular magazines and they are made for comfort rather than for the impact of a road on an individual or to stop a footballer slipping on the football field.

These shoes are popular among men and women, although they will be required for different purposes. The wear of the particular shoe will be similar but the design will be very different, the colours tend to be bolder and the fit will be chunkier, almost like a shoe that would have been associated with basketball through the years, they tend to fit the ankle as well as the foot.

As every male is different some older men prefer a simpler, more sophisticated design that would look good with any outfit; the most popular design of this variety would be a sand shoe as they are freely available in numerous colours and designs to suit all ages and occupations.

The ankle shoe is more popular with the younger generation as they are keen to fit in with current fashion regulations, as they get older they believe wearing a simple shoe would enable them to be taken more seriously in professional areas like the workplace.

Sand shoe designs are also popular in the current market for women as well as men, they have an unique design which looks best when worn with leggings as the design goes right up to the knee. A design for a woman is more likely to enhance a particular theme including bright colours and shapes, they are sometimes even taken from a television feature.

Like footwear for the male population, women may also purchase the ankle fitting design, although there is not as wide a range as there are men, presumably because a lot of women prefer the high fitting or regular shoe. During summer periods a trend that is popular at this time of year is a design that is crossed between a trainer and a sandal and can be folded to enable easy storage. The fashion trainers on the market are also available for children so they may also fit in with fashion trends.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Role Of Fashion In Society

Everyone is a part of it, even folks that would deny it. Most fashion lovers don't stop to think about the possible meanings this ancient social phenomenon has for society at large. Although mostly associated with trendy clothing and accessories, the term encompasses just about anything that denotes something that appeals to large groups of people at any point in time. Here are some reasons as to the wider meanings this cultural phenomenon might have.

The meaning of the term could include concrete objects to passing mannerisms. At some point in people's lives it becomes something that everyone one pays attention to, as transient as it might be. It's something that's visible everyday and everywhere, and changes rapidly with the seasons.

Human beings generally desire novelty as well as conformity. These are social demands that fashion fulfill well. It makes a society-based practice of the need for newness, with many people participating in it. The rapid changes in what is perceived to be trendy is also indicative of the fact that people always seem to have need for things that are novel. It's clear that this phenomenon has valuable psychological functions as well.

At the same time its manifestation also satisfies the need to be distinctive, the desire to stand out from the crowd. Thus variety and novelty go hand in hand, two human desires that anything fashionable seems to sate. Anything from the latest shoes to cell phones or tastes in music are suitable as visible markers of uniqueness.

In a way it also helps to sate the need for conformity. Everyone conforms to the extent that everybody has some interest in what's new and trendy. It gives the sense that one is part of a larger whole, a necessary social-psychological mechanism to fortify against the sense of isolation from the rest of humanity.

It also has a role to play in facilitating cultural shifts between all manner of customs. It thus prevents socially-derived customs from being static, and underscores the importance of adaptability in beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. So in a sense it reflects on the surface a deeper resilience involving adaptation to changing circumstances, something important in the history of the survival of the human species.

It is also a mode of cultural influence. People with high and sought-after status like film and pop stars or admired artists are sometimes unwitting trendsetters when it comes to what's regarded as fashionable clothing or even eating habits. Even subcultures of every type adopt unique styles as a way of socially marking its distinctiveness and influence over its members.

Universally cultures divided by geographical and social space use fashion as a marker of difference and uniqueness. Through it a social group or nation communicates its rich history to the world. Even among the same social group there are usually a plethora of smaller groupings based along the lines of religion or ethnicity that express a sense of history and solidarity through this phenomenon. Thus despite its transitory surface appearance fashion represents enduring social and psychological qualities unique to humanity.
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