Friday, July 31, 2009

Fashion 101- For Tweens!

Fashion refers to the style and customs prevalent at a given time. When it comes to the latest fashions everyone wants to be hip, even kids! Today, its difficult for children to keep up with the latest fashion without looking like the adults. Many of the trends for older teenage girls and boys are trickling down to the tweens ages 9-12, giving them a chance to express their sense of style, be cool and have fun. Tweens can be fashionable too!! Check out whats cool and new for your tween this year starting from the top to the bottom:

With spring closely approaching, new tween trends are stepping right out of your own closet. Girls and boys are both rocking old to new Ts. Graphic T-shirts are still a hip trend that can be matched with almost anything. Pull out your old Ts and make then new by adding accessories or even layering them with a plain long-sleeved T-shirt or thermal in the fall/winter. Even on a chilly day, Ts can go with regular or puffy vests and/or cardigans and hoodies. With many themes and logos to choose from such as Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers for girls to Quiksilver and rocker Ts for the boys, Ts are a trendy necessity for tweens.

When it comes to bottoms, jeans are perfect and they are forever popular. Jeans come in numerous styles, colors, cuts and fits. From skinny to wide-leg to boot cut to low-rise, even the pickiest tween girl or boy will find a style that works for him or her. For girls, were seeing more denims with embroidered pockets, jewels or shiny accents that would be adorable with a matching shirt, accessories and shoes. Wide-leg and regular fit jeans will do for your preppy, skater or just plain tween boy. Or, if your son is hipster, even a pair of skinny jeans may work. Trendy tween girls arent stuck to just typical denims when it comes to picking a bottom. Skirts and leggings are fabulous for tween girls. Tights and capri leggings can be matched with baby doll shirts or denim skirts. A denim skirt and leggings is a great way to go for a comfy yet cute and trendy day!

Finally the feet! Where could tweens go wrong? Sneakers, for boys and for girls! Try to find a style of sneaker that works for your tween because they are comfortable for the active lifestyle of a tween. Converse and Nike are very in for tween boys and girls. Girls can also sport cute ballet flats, boots and Mary-Jane style shoes. Flat shoes are the most comfortable way to go for tweens.

Tweens can find all these looks, plus more, inexpensively at stores such as Limited Too, Gap, Old Navy or even department stores such as Nordstrom. Tweens can stick to their own stylish tastes, choose what they like and be trendy all at the same time!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fancy Lanyards A New Fashion Trend On The Stage

They are looking at it as a style statement. These days most of the business organization, offices and other working institutions provide lanyards to hold the identity card. Even strings are used by the school and college students to hold the identity cards. But these strings are very simple and made for the publicity and advertisement of the group company to which your connection is. But fancy lanyard is easily and widely available in market. People use such stylish strings to hold mobile phones, pens, keys, etc. Even some girls use lanyard as necklace.

Fancy cords are available in various styles. Beaded cords are very popular among the feminine group. They love to hold their lovely handset in the beaded lanyards. These are much popular among the young girls. They love to carry small teddy in such cords to represent their fashion.

Strings made from crystals are also getting popularity. Even some smart girls used to carry their office identity card in such strings. These crystals are made in various shapes. Heart-shaped and teddy-shaped crystal strings are popular among the teenagers. Nowadays, semi-precious stones are also used for making lanyards. Rich people used such lanyards to show their high social rapport among the people. Metal chains are also used in lanyards.
Thus, lanyards can be used for various purposes. This is very utility accessories. Apart from using it for holding things, it can be worn as fashion accessories. If you are also looking at strings are fashion item, then explore the market and select an attractive lanyard for yourself.

You will feel very happy to get noticed among your group for unique and young fashion. You will definitely rock. Apart from neck hanging strings, figure and hand hanging strings are also available in the market. You can easily pick one for your need and style. These days lanyard making companies understand the fashion need of the people and according design them to suite peoples need and style.
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