Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fashionable Wedding Jewelry To Match The Glow On The Face Of The Blushing Bride

Getting a trousseau ready for the bride is a very exciting time. Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day and a lot of time goes into selecting wedding jewelry and her costumes for the occasion. Nowadays, brides wear the latest designer outfits specially created for them and this is complimented with fashion jewellery that makes them look gorgeous and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Wedding jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, nose pins, bangles, bridal armlets and other adornments that are selected from leading reputed stores in India. It is important to keep up with the trends and ensure that they wear jewelry to match the costume selected for the particular occasion. The normal colors selected for a bride on her wedding day are red, green and maroon though many brides today prefer to look different and may wear brilliant shades of yellow, turquoise or look demure in white or pink.

The aura that surrounds the bride is not lost on the well-wishers who attend the wedding. Every bride looks stunning on her wedding day. The bride may wear a sari in the traditional style or drape it in the style selected by the fashion designer. She may wear a lehenga with expensive embellishments and prefer to wear diamonds, gold or designer jewelry to match the outfit. Select precious gems that are set intricately into various metals to order the best Indian jewelry from Bombay jewelry. Their collection of bangles and other gold plated imitation jewelry are coveted around the globe due to their high quality.

Fashion jewellery is available for the bride to complement the gold adornments. Enhance these by wearing matching hand/ring bracelets, armlets, headpiece/tikka or bangles. A bride will have to wear several costumes for various occasions. Different types of matching jewelry such as kundan jewelry, peacock polka, silver and gold plated can be worn to match the outfits.

The market is flooded with exciting designs that make up the bridal collection. These include sari keychains, pearl jewelry, rani collection and a variety of rings with precious stones intricately set to enhance the look of the bride. Select from the best when you log into and check out their wide selection of authentic jewelry. You can find exquisite designs to match any western outfit as well. Wear a sari or shalwar kameez and you will be able to find matching jewelry to make you look glamorous at the wedding.

Friends and relatives can also pick out Indian jewelry to wear at the wedding. It is customary to wear a lot of jewelry at this auspicious occasion. The family members also deck themselves with finery to celebrate a wedding. Bombay jewelry offers money back guarantee on their jewelry. Take advantage of their discount offers and check online for the latest items of jewelry that are introduced in their catalogues. They also sell a variety of hair accessories, anklets, saree pins and other essential items that you can order and they will ensure that it is safely delivered to you.
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fashionable Dresses You Can Wear During Summer

You can never wear the same type of clothes for each season. In doing so, you will feel uncomfortable and look out of fashion. For example, it will be laughable if you wear a winter dress during summer, since it will make you bathe on your own sweat. Therefore, when summer comes, it is time for you to go shopping.

When you shop for a summer dress, you need to look for outfits that will make you feel cool during the summer heat. Dresses that are made of lightweight materials are the best ones for summer. It allows air to pass through and absorbs moisture, thus relieving you of the heat and keeping you dry throughout the day. The next thing you should consider when you are searching for a summer outfit is the colour. Dark colours absorb heat and you should avoid them during summer. You must choose clothes that are in light colours , since they reflect heat.

Aside from comfort, you also need to look for clothes that will make you look fashionable. Of course, summer is the perfect time for vacation and you will never spend it by staying in your home. During vacations, it is more likely that you will go to most popular places that people hang out such as beaches and resorts. When you go to these places, you will encounter many people, which makes it an ideal time to make new friends. Making friends will be easier if you already catch their attention by looking fashionable. Here are some of the fashionable dresses that you can wear in the summer.

Tunic Dress

One of the most stylish outfits that you can wear in the summer is tunic dress. Tunic dress lies either below or above the knee depending on the designer. It does not matter which one you choose, since you can easily pair them with a belted waist, along with a pair of gladiator sandals. Although this dress is designed for casual wear, it displays elegance as well.

Most tunic dresses come in solid colours, along with stylish patterns. However, if you are looking for summer clothing that will make you look slim; you need to choose tunic dresses that are in plain colours, since patterns can enhance the size of your body instead of reducing it. You can easily come up with a fashionable theme for your summer outfit with the use of tunic dresses. The loose-fitting style of this dress suits well on plus size women. Therefore, you should include this dress in your wardrobe.

Poncho Tank Top

Poncho tank tops are another popular outfit for summer. This type of summer outfit has similarities with spaghetti strap tanks, but the main difference is the sides of the top. The sides of this tank are designed to portray the look of a poncho dress, which is making a comeback in the fashion industry today. This dress is ideal for plus size women, since it can hide imperfections easily through its airy and large design. This top blends perfectly with pants, shorts, and skirts. If you want to look fashionable in summer, then you must include this in your wardrobe.

Little Black Dress

Little black dresses have been a fashion icon for many decades up until now. The design of this dress allows women of different sizes and shapes to look fashionable during the summer. Although black dresses do not have a slimming effect, you can pair them with fashion accessories that will provide your desired effect. If all your concern is summer fashion, little black dress is the perfect one for you.


Kikoys are a traditional garment of East Africa, which is one of the hottest countries in the world. If you really want to feel comfortable during the summer, then you must have this one. Kikoys comes in unique designs and you can use them for different purposes. You can use them as a perfect cover up for your swimsuit by wrapping them around your waist or above your bust. In case you want to take a sunbath, you can take them off easily and use it as a beach hammock. You can also use them as a fashionable scarf that will protect your head from the summer heat. If you are looking for a perfect summer accessory, then you must purchase this garment.

Choosing the right summer wear, will enable you to look fashionable and comfortable throughout the season. By searching the internet, you will be able to find more information about the trending summer clothes.
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