Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bring Fashion To Your Wedding Through Wearing Of Lehenga Dresses

Depending on what occasion, every person needs to put on the right attire which corresponds to the normal dressing for the occasion for example Lehenga. The kind of occasions which require special clothing are weddings or any form of celebration which to many countries like India, Pakistan and even Bangladesh take so serious on ensuring there are right attires to be put on that day. Lehenga is a type of dress which is normally used to be worn during weddings as an Indian bridal wear and such like occasions where people need to look uniform and decorate the ground. It made by various designers who give different dresses different looks even though they are made of the same material. When shopping, one is required to mention the name of the designer for easy identification.

Mentioning some types of Lehenga dresses include;

1.Panelled Benarasi Brocade Lehenga: This type of saris wear is among the lovely looking dresses with deep pink and purple colors and encrafted with resham, sequins, zari, applique and patch border work. It has a rich feel from its texture which is brought about by the embroidery work done by kasab and lamp lace. As it comes in many sizes, one can get the largest size of 38inches and usually accompanied with brocade choli with deep pink net dupatta in many stocks.

2.Purple net Flair Lehenga: This Indian salwar kameez is made with stone, sequins and salma work and its lining is pure fabric offering maximum strength. In many stocks, one can get up to 60inches size where extra large starts from 44inches. In most cases, customers can give their specifications for them to be made with this type of lehenga dress.

3.Faux Georgette Paneled Lehenga: Looks beautiful with off white and shaded red colors and is embellished with resham, cutdana, sequins, stone and beads work thus giving a shape of a floral motif. It has a front open awarding it an exclusive look to many people which is liked by most ladies.

4.Net a Line lehenga Choli: Usually pink and green in color being encrafted with resham, sequins, zari and so on. This is one type of lehenga of its kind as one can adjust its waist to fitness thus is flexible and people with different body sizes can wear it. Maximum size is between 36 to 38 inches with a length of 46inches and comes with slight variations in color.

One can still find several types of Indian sarees apart from the ones mentioned but one thing you do not have to forget in shopping is the designer of the dress. As a customer, you may be in outside the mentioned countries where you cannot get the dresses and you are in need of them, how do you get them? The answer for this is just to make an online purchase where specifications are needed for correct identification of the dress of which the issue of mentioning the name of the designer comes in.

When doing online shopping of these sarees, verification details are also provided where payments can be made prior to delivery and once that is done, all the orders you can collect them on your doorstep. The manufacturers of the dresses and even shops selling them do that at affordable rates where you can get a chance of getting the best quality dress for your wedding. Lehenga dress is very common nowadays in many modern weddings and this culture is heading far.

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