Friday, April 17, 2009

Christian Audigier Dog The Finest Luxury Dog Fashion And The Loudest Style Statement Your Dog Can Make

When it comes to doing the catwalk, nothing beats the Christian Audigier dog. Gone are the days when dogs stay home and greet you when you get home. Now, dogs are often carried around like a fashion statement. And gone are the days when dogs are not fashionistas. Now, they are. Its not just dog tees and dog collars anymore. The dogs of today enjoy even highly expensive luxury dog clothing created by no other than the likes of famous designer Christian Audigier.

Christian Audigier dog fashion is one of the finest designer dog clothing collection on the market. The collection is spearheaded by Christian Audigier, a famous fashion designer whos always been known for his creative, sensational designs where the world of luxury and glamour meets with the world of rock & roll. This very distinct fashion style has made Christian Audigier an icon in the industry, and now he offers his creations for dogs as well.

Christian Audigier is one of the select designers that manage to dress up famous celebrities as well as their dogs. And the growing Christian Audigier dog collection is one proof that the designer understands what needs to be done in dog fashion: to give each dog a personality that he can also express through the finest luxury threads.

The Christian Audigier Dog Luxury Clothing Collection

The Christian Audigier dog collection includes apparel that dogs can wear for all occasions. There are dog tees for daily wear, Halloween costumes, party-worthy clothes, beach clothes, and dog pajamas for a luxurious sleep. All products are made with the finest fabrics that are comfortable for dogs but uber stylish for the fashionista in them.

Here are some of the most popular Christian Audigier dog fashion products.

Safari dog carrier Carry your dog fashionably and stand out in the crowd with a pretty strong style statement in this fabulous-meets-exotic Safari print dog carrier.
Safari dog bowl If you have the Safari designer dog carrier, get your dog a matching Safari-print dog bowl.
Fleur De Ca Red/Black dog bowl Make sure your dog dines in style with an opulent-looking luxury dog bowl.
Heartbreaker dog carrier Carry your dog Mariah Carey style with a standout red and black glamorous number from the famous Christian Audigier dog carrier collection.
Koi Fish dog carrier Donning the colors of true luxury, the Koi Fish dog carrier is an ultra fashionable arm candy in black and gold.
Stiletto dog carrier Be the ultimate fashion diva while carrying your beloved pet around and strutting the catwalks in your high heels, especially with the Stiletto dog carrier in white and red.

Christian Audigier and Ed Hardy A Winning Collaboration

A lot of Christian Audigier dog products were also the fruit of a winning collaboration between Christian Audigier and Ed Hardy. Christian Audigier and Ed Hardy are artists in their own right. What Christian Audigier did to the fashion world, Ed Hardy did to the tattoo art world. And finally, the two masters of the art joined forces to come up with some of the most artistic luxury dog clothing pieces the world of doggie couture has ever seen.

Some key Christian Audigier dog products now bear the unmistakable graphic tattoo art of Ed Hardy. If your dog likes the glam and rock & roll world, this is definitely your type of luxury dog clothing.

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