Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clothing Fashion in the Gothic and Punk Style

The term Gothic is used to describe the subculture of people and their dark-themed interests. Inspired by the gothic architecture, the modern-day goth movement began as a music scene in the late '70s and '80s. And most recently, the punk style in the clothing world has become more and more popular. So here I will talk about both the gothic and gothic punk clothing style. Gothic Style Thinking of gothic clothing in modern days, there might be a hardcore punk look. And while this is a large part of the goth style, many goths lean more toward the romantic and historic victorian style clothing. Guys who go for this look will wear open-necked peasant tops with ruffles and long jackets that come to the knee.Some wear knee-length knickers and high boots. Some men even wear makeups such as eyeliner, etc. Some also dye their hair dark black to help their skin to appear more pale. For girls, they choose softer and more romantic side of goth fashion. The modern twists in victorian style with tiered skirts that they lift at the hem and attach to the skirt to reveal their stockings beneath, and corsets worn as outerwear. These girls who are interested in the gothic fashion will always dress in the black or some dark colors. And the outfits like corsets, dresses or long capes are rich jewel tones such as deep reds, greens or blues. Gothic Punk Style People who are fond of both the gothic and punk style wear more updated clothes with harder edge, preferring black leather and metal decoration. Guys in this style often wear skinny jeans or leather pants with a shirt made of fishnet or with different kinds of print. They wear a lot of accessories, all of which are usually black leather with silver metal studs. These men wear black studded belts, fingerless gloves, choker necklaces and thick wristbands. They also wear black leather jackets and combat boots. And for girls, they prefer a tougher look to their romantic goth female contemporaries. These girls are more comfortable in black knit or leather miniskirts as opposed to flowing skirts. They often wear mini skirts to show their sexy side. The fishnet stockings or tights with patterns such as black and white horizontal stripes are mostly worn by these girls. They like to wear corsets, and wear them in black or dark red leather. On a more casual day, the girls often wear tight T-shirts with banners of unique kinds. They wear boots or combat boots and are often covered in bold, artistic tattoos. To conclude, there is relation between the gothic style and the punk style to some degree. No matter it is the gothic style or the gothic punk style, it is welcomed and interested by so many people all around the world. The youth usually want to attract others' attention in unique and odd actions. Wearing alternative apparel is a common way they choose, that's why many people like gothic and punk dresses very much. With the influence of vintage style, medieval gothic dresses are adorned many people.

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