Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dog Clothes and the Evolution of Canine Fashion

Have you ever wondered about the history of dog clothing? If that is the case, then explore the origins of canine fashion through this article.

Four-legged furry animals descended from wolves are said to be the best friend of man. And if you look around parks and other public places, you can see that this is true. In fact, more people are taking their beloved companions wherever they go, either to the shopping centre or for a stroll around the neighbourhood. And if you have noticed, you can see many of these lovable creatures dressed in dog clothes UK.

Now that garments for canines are mentioned, you might have observed an increase in people dressing up their pooches. This is not just merely an observation, but it is something proven by statistics. According to market research firm MTW Research, the pet clothing industry in the United Kingdom alone is a booming one. And when you take the trend in the U.S. into account, you can see that the apparel ranges from simple shirts to themed costumes.

With this type of market on the rise, does it make you stop and wonder how it all began and how it evolved into what it is today?


Believe it or not, the military were the first to put clothes on their canine friends. But the reason was not for fashion. Instead, it was used for their protection as these animals accompanied soldiers on missions. Apart from that, it also served as their shield when the weather took a different turn.

Moreover, police and firefighters were also the next group of people who utilised dog clothes for functional purposes. Aside from keeping the canines safe, it also helped distinguish which organisation the animal belonged to based on their uniform.


The habit of dressing up these four-legged creatures soon reached the domestic arena when family members started putting on costumes on their pets for occasions such as Christmas and Halloween. This slowly turned into a trend when several celebrities were photographed with their cherished animals outfitted in fancy garb.


Over a certain period, this trend soon became the norm. Instead of seeing famous people carry around their pups wherever they went, ordinary citizens have gone and done the same. This rise in popularity even prompted noted designers Vivienne Westwood and Ben de Lisi to produce a line dedicated to dog garments.

Moreover, you can witness a variety of items specially made for doggies in various shops today. In fact, the clothing items available for these animals also vary with the season. So, they have outfits suited for the cold months as well as the warm ones. In addition to that, there are also pieces tailored for special events such as birthdays and weddings.

As you can see, the world of canine fashion is ever evolving. Who knows what type of outfits designers will come up with for these furry creatures?

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