Sunday, June 28, 2009

Elvis Jesus Fashion Re-imagined

Elvis Jesus is a controversial brand which gives a very Rock and roll feel in their clothes. This brand was started in 1997 creating a storm and instantly developed dedicated fans inspite of its controversies. This brand changed the whole look of the existing fashion and redefined fashion completely. Nobody thought that clothes could make the way Elvis Jesus has created and in this way the Fashion has been re-imagined.

The name Elvis Jesus is derived from the two worlds most iconic figures Elvis Presley of the pop fame and Jesus of Nazareth. The icons itself are so different from one another that it gives an idea about the brand. The clothes are very individualistic that people from all walks of life wear the brand. The clothes have different looks, having diamond styling in mens wear. Elvis Jesus clothing line is not for people who have a conservative approach towards fashion. It is meant for people who want to break the so called boundaries of fashion and create a new fashion trend which this brand is offering. Its breaks the tradition of Suited corporate look and its gives it a care a damn image. Elvis Jesus takes pride in creating new boundaries of fashion which are never predicted, expected or imagined. It has created various combinations in their clothing line like rock with religion, fashion with politics, heroes with anti heroes which are quite visible in their T-shirts. The brand is almost rebellious basically for those who have a discriminating style of fashion
The Elvis Jesus Clothing bring about different styles in different apparels like leather jackets, hoodies, Long Sleeve T-shirts, Cardigans, Shorts and trousers. Elvis Jesus brings a mix of fashionable design patterns joint with leather patchwork, silk linings, metal work, and creative embroidery.

The clothing line feature high quality fabrics with pain staking hand work on them. Their clothing line differs from season to season which makes the line appealing in all seasons. The best part about the brand is that they appeal to the people of different age groups. Whether you are teenager going to college or a 50 year old businessman, who want to create their own style of fashion, appeal to the Elvis Jesus brand. It gives us the opportunity to be ourselves. As much as you wear the brand, the brand wears you as well. This means its gives an individual look to each one wearing an Elvis Jesus product. This shows that the Elvis Jesus group of designers works hard to create a whole new variety of clothes which caters to people of all age groups, all walks of life and those who have a very different idea of fashion. Elvis Jesus is meant to create a stir among the fashion world as the line is born out of counter culture.

Hence this brand has managed to create a whole new world of fashion having a huge fan following. In this sense we can say that its created a fashion which was never imagined in the conservative fashion world. In other words, we can say that the Elvis Jesus has re-imagined Fashion.

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