Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fashion Pattern Making Rulers

If you love sewing, then you are familiar with fashion pattern making rulers. These are special rulers used for sewing. There are a variety of uses for these rulers. Not only do they help in cutting designs, they also help in adjustment of an available design. We shall talk of this special kind of ruler and its uses in this article.

We all know what rulers do. They help us to measure stuff. But fashion pattern making uses different kinds of rulers. These rulers are especially made for the sole purpose of sewing. When you are sewing, you cannot do so with an ordinary ruler. There are a lot of disadvantages with an ordinary ruler.

Firstly your measurements might not match. Secondly ordinary rulers are not equipped to handle the complex patterns as Designers Curve and Tailors Curve. This is why sewing pattern making supplies are different. Lets talk of the advantages of using pattern making rulers.

Make Patterns Easily

As we rightly said in the beginning, these rulers are simply awesome if you want to deal with complex designs. Many of the simple designs we see in everyday life hold no mystery or charm when they are found on dresses because of overuse. So eventually if you like to use readymade patterns, you have to go for the complex stuff.

There are many kinds of patterns. Tru-fit patterns cannot be made properly by ordinary rulers. Whereas, when it comes to sewing pattern rulers, they are the best for any specialized sewing work.

Correct Ready Made patterns

Now lets picture this. You got a pattern because you liked it very much. But when you try to set it on your favorite dress form, it simply looks awful. It needs a lot of adjustment. So what do you do? Say you have a party in two days and you simply cant go there looking all awful! Your next option is to use an ordinary ruler.

But using it for this kind of stuff will simply ruin your dress form as well as your pattern design. So what is the next option? Use a pattern making ruler! You can correct and adjust the ready made design pattern at your will. It will never look as if it has been changed. Using a pattern making ruler gives a professional touch to your own dress and that makes it look all the more brilliant.

Make Own Pattern Designs

So you hate to shop for readymade patterns but are scared to try your hand at creativity? Use a pattern making ruler. This makes the job much easier. Do you know what the best part about using these rulers in making your own patterns are? The lines of every pattern can be drawn off either ruler. This holds true for both tops and bottoms. Isnt it incredible?

Now you can make that top you have always wanted to and nobody will ever say that it looks badly made. Imagine how you would feel when your friends ask you the name of the designer who made your dress! Yes, it can happen. Reality is right at hand. You just need to wake up and see it.

Pattern making rulers can make you a Designer of the future!

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