Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fashionably Frugal - Money Saving Tips With Nectar Fashion

Looking good on a tight budget - it's a problem that many of us face, and can seem almost insurmountably difficult when the coolest brands are, unfortunately and inevitably, sold at the costliest prices. Sales and special offers are all well and good, but only happen from time to time - for the rest of the season, we're doomed to pay full price for those fashion items we fall in love with. Surely there's a way to save money and get must-have clothing all year round? Don't despair - I believe I've found the answer, and it's called Nectar Fashion.

Quite a few shops offer loyalty schemes for their customers - the basic mechanics of which are: you buy an item, you present your loyalty card, you get a portion of what you've spent back in the form of points, and you spend those points towards other items in the future. You may well already be aware of this kind of loyalty schemes - they're a great way to invest money towards next season's chic clothing creations. The one major problem with these schemes, however, is that they are store specific - if you've spent all year saving up points to splash out in the January sales and then the store that you've remained loyal towards releases a clothing line that you're not fond of, then you don't have the freedom to spend points anywhere else. This is where, in my opinion, Nectar Fashion excels as a loyalty scheme - because once you're registered, you can collect points from a wide range of online stores and spend your accumulated points on a wide variety of items via the Nectar Fashion website.

Here are a few hints and tips to help you get the most out of the Nectar Fashion loyalty scheme when shopping online:

1.You don't have to spend your points on clothing - As mentioned above, most loyalty schemes only allow you to spend money on the same kind of items that you purchase in the store. With Nectar Fashion you can pick up the latest trends and, at the same time, invest towards a wide variety of goods. What I tend to do is to use my points to buy groceries at Sainbury's supermarket - it feels great to know that my fashion purchases are helping me to pay for such essential items.

2.Pick up points in the year, spend them at Christmas - This is a great way to make your Christmas shopping that little bit easier. You can collect points on fashion bargains when you shop online via Nectar Fashion, and spend them on items for your loved ones when the festive season arrives.

3.Take advantage of offers - Nectar Fashion provides a huge amount of retailers from which you can collect points online, and many of them will periodically offer special deals on their purchases - such as double, or even triple point awards. Keep yourself aware of these offers and take advantage of them - they could save you even more money when you shop online via Nectar Fashion.

I think you'll agree that collecting points with Nectar Fashion is a great way to save money on the trendiest fashion purchases, but it does have one particular negative point - unlike some loyalty schemes, with Nectar Fashion you can only collect points on fashion purchases online. This only presents a problem if you can't leave the high street behind, but for the increasing number of people who shop almost exclusively online, Nectar Fashion offers a fine way to save.

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