Thursday, February 11, 2010

Graduation Dresses- Industrialized Europe And Fashion Evolution

The Industrial Revolution began in the eighteenth century in England, but it was the middle of the nineteenth century when it spread to the rest of Europe. Many graduation dresses together with other fashion items aroused. The installation of factories brought great prosperity to the regions in which they were installed and people could consume more goods, including apparel. The prosperity of this time involved a greater complexity in the dress.
Skirts continued to widen, bringing them under lots of petticoats initially and then cage rings similar to those of earlier times. As intended hollow rear part of the so-called feminine bustle- the women seemed a real sailing boat, while a small boat, the male escort, sailed back.

But in a society that was walking very fast steps towards modernity could not sustain that model long costume change and to reach agreed a number of factors. First, the advances in medicine and other experimental sciences led some intellectuals initiated some protests against the fashion of the day, united in a movement called "Movement for rational dress" concerned about the unwholesome fashion of those times especially in relation to set and deformed corset and layers of clothes that women unnecessarily fatigued.
Moreover, it was this one time when the working classes began to demand their rights, but curiously the men who asked for justice, freedom and political participation, forgot to ask that same for women. This attitude was the emergence of the suffragette movement that organized their struggle to demand the same gains for women and as an element of protest began to change their dress. Finally, the appearance of the bicycle, as a popular pedestrian was another element that influenced clothes that were designed more rational than enable women to join th new rhythms of life and as a result first appeared timidly s graduation dresses, but its use was reduced to the upper echelons of society.

Twentieth Century

At the beginning of this century there was an emphasis, almost a caricature of the fashion of the previous stage. It is a time of great ostentation and extravagance. The woman was characteristic use of so-called "health graduation dresses corsets", although we doubt that there is something healthy in a brace, as did the body to keep rigidly right, pushing the chest forward, hips back, creating the peculiar s-shaped silhouette of the period. The body is filled with cascades of lace and wore feather boas around their necks. However, this period begins for women to enter the tailor that facilitated their incorporation into jobs as governesses, secretaries and clerks.

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