Friday, July 2, 2010

Long Prom Gowns Are Back In Fashion

Buying a prom dress is one thing every little girls hopes to do once she hits that monumental point in life where she attends her very first prom. Undoubtedly, the mothers of todays teenage girls all wore long prom dresses. Particularly throughout the 70's and 80s, long dresses were the norm for several decades. Nevertheless, over time hemline's rose and short dresses became just as prevalent for high school proms as long dresses. While any high school prom these days would certainly see their fair share of short or mid length dress, long dresses are making a comeback and creating a lot more options for the young girls of today.

Whether this is your first prom or not, you will definitely want to look your absolute best. For this one special night, looking spectacular is what every girl dreams about and selecting the right dress is most important. You should think about looking at a long dress when shopping to see all the available options. If nothing else, you are likely to wear short dresses for a multitude of functions but that is far from the truth with a long dress. That alone puts a long gown it a category all its own, giving it a major advantage in making you feel extraordinary, as it is more unique or rare in your life.

Able to draw some serious attention is another big benefit to wearing a long gown. While a longer length gown is making a huge comeback, your still quite likely going to see others wearing the shorter or mid length although the wearer of the longer dresses will gain much more attention. Without a doubt the elegance of an evening gown that gives a more classic appearance will garner more attention than that of a short cocktail style dress.

In an effort to select the best dress that suits and flatters your shape, be familiar with your body style when shopping for that unique prom dress. To add the "wow" aspect to your special event, knowing your shape and how to compliment your figure is very important. Straight, hourglass, pear, apple or full bust are considered the body shapes and you must determine which in fact yours. The women nowadays generally will have one of these shapes. Straight figures should look to find prom dresses that help to create the illusion of curves, specifically throughout the hip region. Searching for a dress that accentuates the smaller areas of your body will be necessary for those with areas that are greater in comparison to other body parts. As an example, if you are fuller in the bust than the hips or bottom, find dresses with more ornate detailing around the hemline or maybe add a classic wrap to your top as this will keep the eyes away from the middle areas. You would want to look for an evening gown that accentuates the waist if you happen to be straighter or smaller at the top but fuller through the hips and bottom.

Never discount the elegance and loveliness that can be created by a long prom dress so when prom time comes around you look spectacular. You will have many choices from which to choose from as the trend toward longer gowns comes back. No matter what your shape or color personal preferences, you will be able to find long prom dresses that make you feel special and help your evening be most memorable definitely.

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