Monday, July 5, 2010

Lycra Spandex Black Dots Fashion Shirt

This zentai bodysuit includes top in black dot pattern and red shiny metallic trousers. The top is adopted with lycra material. A back two-way zipper from neck to the waist is convenient to wear. Custom-making service available from size requirement to open crotch etc.This catsuit is hood and shoes excluded.

This lycra spandex black dots fashion shirt features black and yellows colors. The special design with black dots shirt and leopard trousers pattern will make you a special look.

Following are its features:

High quality spandex and lycra material adopted, purple color, comfortable wearing.
A back two-way zip is added from neck to waist.
Good elasticity, excellent ventilation.
Do not use washing solution, bleach for washing or do not knead while washing.
Wearer's weight should be less than 150kg.
It'll have a deviation about 3-5cm, which is up to the different elasticity of fabric.

That's not to say everyone wasn't trying at least to avoid taking home the 'Shirts of Shame' - yellow for the player with the worst score and red for his female counterpart. Sadly Sham (14 stableford points) and Miss Whiplash (15) now have to wear exhibit this dubious honour at any forum event until the Olympic year.

However, it seemed, that almost everyone wanted to pick up the baton of mediocrity and I feared with my new 'dangerous' handicap of 12, I was going to have harness my competitive urges to prevent an embarrassing repetition of 2009.

Having gone against the spirit of the competition as a guest invitee and won this event with 40 points a couple of years ago, I have since learned not to take the day too seriously and to avoid possible embarrassment. So I determined to knobble my opening drive through a bush into an unplayable lie leaving the way clear, I thought, for others!

So my fellow Yorkshireman - appropriately nicknamed Yorkie - proved a worthy winner on 38 points though he'd do well not to repeat the feat if he wants to avoid the ribbing that inevitably comes with the best score on the day. His consolation, however, like me, comes with being part of the North team that beat The South by a solitary point - far more important!

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