Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mens Dress Shirts Are Always Fashionable

The cornerstone of any good man's wardrobe are the mens dress shirts that are used for a number of diverse reasons. Whether you pair them with a suit , or perhaps a great pair of jeans, it's the shirt that creates the best impression of them all. With the right cut, and style, a man could just show up in the shirt and a pair of dress pants , and still provide the impression of being at the top of his game .

Working With The Traditional Button Down

The standard of all mens dress shirts is the classic button down shirt . This kind of shirt is recognized by its long sleeves, cut to taper at the wrist, together with stylized buttons at the cuff. This is actually the shirt used underneath the typical business attire, along with tie, jacket and the other stylish accessories. It is also the comfortable shirt which is worn on the weekends , over a good tee, with the sleeves rolled upward. It also look good when paired up with a V-neck or perhaps crew neck sweater, for that classic formal appearance.

Designer Mens Dress Shirts

The most recent styles in designer mens dress shirts is layering. Frequently you will find foil print, or even graphic inspired designs overlaid on a refined print , like checkered or plaids. It creates a dimensional look that can simply be worn both for formal and semi-formal occasions, with or without a jacket to match it. For the casual look, put it on over a plain tee , and keep it untucked, over a pair of dark denim jeans.

Class Is In The Details

The details found in some mens dress shirts really make the shirts stand out above the rest . You will often see things just like epaulets, metallic buttons and military inspired details for the shoulders on a few of these classic shirts which are popular these days. Other details and designs for these particular shirts include grommets and also studs, for a gritty, dimensional look that defines an urban design to the classic dress shirt .

Patterned Shirts

Another form of mens dress shirts that's quickly growing in popularity these days is the well patterened shirt . The ones that are considered to be near to the typical design of the past are those that utilize the striped, plaid and checkered prints. Designers will most likely take these classics one step further, and incorporate stylistic details. To get this done, they will likely take the current well-liked colors, and add them in the classic design. For example, a classic grey and black checkered t-shirt that's got refined stripes of teal or burgundy worked into the pattern for a one of a kind appearance.

Vibrant Prints

Finally, some other popular style for mens dress shirts is the edgier prints created by some of the leading fashion designers for guys. These include hounds-tooth patterns, argyle prints, or perhaps color blocked designs. It took some time, yet the donning of vibrant colors has finally become recognized, so look for much more pinks, fuschias, purples and neon colors not normally found among this type of mens shirts .

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