Friday, November 19, 2010

Rolex, Re-defining Fashion Once Again

Rolex has been the most renowned watch brand in the world, with a 100 year history to back this up. The supreme expertise and craftsmanship used in making their wrist watches has always attracted affluent and famous people to the brand. Rolex watches have become a fashion statement and, to date, it is the worlds best selling luxurious watch brand.

Rolex watches are designed to exceed expectations. Each watch consists of numerous tiny parts that are assembled systematically, giving attention to every small detail. Rigorous testing and retesting are conducted to leave no chance of error, however minute it may be. As far as the beauty of Rolex watches are concerned, there can be no comparison with any other luxury watch brands. The finest quality diamonds and 18k white gold or yellow gold are the common features of all Rolex watches. Many dial colors and stainless steel watch band have been introduced to keep up with recent fashion trends.

One of the most popular Rolex watches that exemplifies the ultimate example of fashion is the Rolex Datejust for both men and women. It was first introduced in two tone (18k yellow gold and steel)After seeing much success, they were also made available in stainless steel alone. Now, the two-tone Rolex Datejust is also very much in fashion. Its popularity can also be attributed to the varied options that are available in terms of bracelet or strap. You have the option to choose a Jubilee bracelet, an Oyster bracelet, or a leather strap. The beauty of Rolex is that you can change the dial, the bezel, the bracelet and almost everything you see on the exterior of the watch to what you like.

The Mens Champagne Dial 3ct Beadset Rolex Day Date Super Presidential is a style statement in and of itself. The ultimate feature of this watch is the Italian made Pave Diamond 18k yellow gold Presidential bracelet, beautifully crafted with 312 finest quality diamonds and custom champagne diamond dial with 8 round and 2 baguette cut diamonds set in 18k yellow gold.

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