Friday, January 28, 2011

Teeny Boppers Go Crazy With Harajuku Fashion

Harajuku fashion gets its name because the styles originated from this place though the epicenter in Japan is in Tokyo. Youth dress up in creative outfits, color their hair and wear different accessories to look outlandish or even bizarre! It has since become a fashion trend for youth in Japan to collect in places where they can display their freedom of expression. They do not have to worry about social pressure and even encourage qualified designers to come up with special fashion designs that have their outlets in different parts of the world.

The Harajuku fashion revolves around the teens and has no distinctive style. It is the attitude and the overall look that they try to achieve which encourages top designers to come up with different costumes and styles. Teenagers all over the world are supporting this fashion though it is fuelled to the maximum in Japan. The styles that are covered under the umbrella of high fashion are divided in different distinctions and sub-categories. One of the popular styles that have been in existence for a while is the elegant gothic Lolita look. The local music scene has also been instrumental in spurring the youth to sport the punk style. The youth may ape their favorite sport star and wear costumes that represent the anime character of something gothic. This type of revolution that the teen fashion industry is experiencing has encouraged good revenues.

If you wish to be up dated on the latest styles and costumes that hit the fashion scene regularly, read the kawaii blogs written by youngsters who can write in detail about the latest fashions. You can pick up ideas on how to mix and match a traditional kimono with a pair of jeans or purchase garments with eccentric patterns. Most of the glitter and embellishments are handmade and are listed under the cute fashion lists in the kawaii blogs. Look for accessories, heavy jewelry and exclusive designer labels that are available when you shop at the street fashion stores. Some of the well known brands apart from the Lolita culture are Cosplay, Kogal and Ganguro and you can browse through the different segments to check out the styles of your interest.

Read about Nile Perch, which is a brand that is located in Tokyo, when you click on the website icoSnap. This brand started selling polo shirts and today it has grown into a Fairy Kei shop. You can walk along the streets and admire the window displays. Learn how to reach the hotspots where the teenagers gather and strut around in their creative costumes and colored hair. They wear colorful accessories and enjoy hanging out and being seen with their friends.

If you are planning a trip to Japan and wish to purchase some cute clothes, cosmetics or jewelry take a trip to Harajuku where there are many street shops that sell clothing, handbags, pink curly clips and outfits that you can purchase for yourself or your friends. You can also sit in a cute caf and watch the people parading on the streets in the height of fashion.

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