Monday, January 31, 2011

Tennis Apparel For Women - Comfort And Fashion

If you look into the styles of tennis apparel for women down over the years beginning with the early years of the last century, you will observe a shortening of skirts. You won't notice lots of guys complaining, but that is way down on the list of concerns for women. Most women understand this transformation needed to come about to make sure they are more comfortable on the court.

Comfortable, and yes, trendy tennis clothing has become easy to find. And manufacturers will never run out of ideas. All they need to do is examine what is currently being worn by the professionals. Therefore it is apparent that the way the clothing looks is still important, though not quite as important as the fit, quality and comfort. We realize this simply because you'll find media people writing not only about their game, but about their fashion also. But do not jump on the press for being so superficial. The only reason those trend articles get composed is because people want to read them.

Remember the early years of the last century. The sport of tennis was played on lawns and the ladies in England all dressed in formal clothing to play. Women participants wore full length clothing. These days however the sport has become quite professional and tennis has attained industry status with gigantic amounts being used on commercials regularly. In the past it was all about loose fitting cotton fabrics for those needing comfort. Now synthetic fabrics in many colors are popular for women all over the world.

Compared to some other popular sports, tennis isn't a sport where the outfits can be unisex. Men and women have to wear different clothes and the sports garment fashion industry is pulling no stops to compete with one another to get a greater slice of the profits. For females, the job of the clothing is to make them feel and perform great no matter what the elements, and at the same time make them look fantastic too. In order to play your best you will need apparel that's both snug and comfortable.

Yes the situation is certainly different now. Bright colors are now being exhibited on courts that previously only permitted whites to be worn. Common apparel nowadays is shorts for men and skirts for ladies. Although where permitted, women can be observed sporting shorts too.

So how do you pick your tennis apparel for women? If it's a skirt, check out the length and fit. You certainly don't want something that is too tight. That would be way too uncomfortable. Conversely your performance will suffer if the skirt is too loose also.

To be competitive you've got to be comfortable on the court. That means you will need a light material to withhold moisture also. The last thing you want when playing tennis, or any other sport for that matter, is for your clothes to affect your play. But looking nice is fairly important as well!

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