Sunday, January 24, 2010

Get A Boho Look With 70s Fashions

They say fashions come around more than once and theres no trend more apt to that saying than the 70s boho look that seems to make an appearance on the catwalks every few years. The boho chic look hit the high street again last year and seems set to continue into this year with a contemporary twist.

Most certainly a casual glam look thats easy to take from day to night, 70s-inspired womens shoes will add that touch of laidback bohemian to any outfit. Its so easy to pull of the boho chic trend, whether you go all out on it or just add some touches to your look with a pair of shoes.

Platform shoes
Its the chunkier the better when it comes to platform shoes for a 70s style; go for wooden or cork soles with thick leather straps and adorned with studs or buckles to achieve an authentic look.

Ladies wedges
Wedges made a big comeback into the footwear fashions last summer just in time to be combined with the bohemian trend. And not only are womens wedges funky and fashionable, theyre also comfortable and easy to walk in.

Floral prints
Every inch the boho chic look, floral prints were everywhere in the 1970s and its no wonder why! Whether its bold flower prints or cute feminine florals, youll find a big choice of so many womens shoes showcases this gorgeous trend.

Vibrant shades
From sun bursting oranges and yellows to fresh blues and greens, bold colours were certainly hot during the bohemian craze and if you love to stand out in a crowds these shades will definitely work for you.

Slouchy bags
Its all about the tassels and earthy shades with funky slouchy bags that finish off a laidback bohemian outfit perfectly; simply throw over your shoulder to be effortlessly chic.

Beaded jewellery
Any bohemian look wouldnt be complete without some pretty beaded jewellery, whether its a chunky beaded bangle or a delicate beaded necklace, make the most of it because this is one area youre allowed to go a little OTT in!

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