Saturday, January 30, 2010

Girls Fashion For Summer Weddings What To Wear

Girls fashion for summer is like a breath of fresh air after a winter of dark colors and heavy fabrics. And as many gear up for the season by stocking up on summery discount juniors clothing, the question of what to wear to all of those summer weddings comes to mind.

Thankfully, with plenty of teen shirts, skirts and other basics to choose from available in discount juniors clothing lines, dressing for summer weddings is a breeze. Check out some of the girls fashion-friendly options below for ideas.

Jewel Tone Top

The jewel tone teen shirts that are so plentiful at discount juniors clothing stores in summer are an excellent option for daytime summer weddings. These bright teen shirts often come in tailored shapes and nicer fabrics, making them a great girls fashion choice. Plus, the cheery hues ensure that the wearer does not commit the girls fashion faux pas of competing with the bride.

Jewel tone teen shirts can be paired with pencil skirts or sleek pants from discount juniors clothing lines for a classy summer wedding look. Alternately, flowy skirts and blazers make a bold girls fashion statement when worn with bright teen shirts.


Nothing says summer quite like a good floral top. Discount juniors clothing picks abound with sunny flowers during summer months, providing a fantastic girls fashion statement for summer weddings. The prints are fun and festive, but are more than appropriate on the right teen shirts and dresses.

To pull off floral girls fashion at a summer wedding, keep the flowers the centerpiece of your outfit, choosing simple additions from discount juniors clothing lines. For example, a floral dress makes a great girls fashion statement when paired with a simple clutch and matching shoes.

Maxi Dress

Got an outdoor wedding to attend? Maxi dresses have been a girls fashion staple for years, and for good reason: they are comfortable as well as classy. Discount juniors clothing lines carry an abundance of maxi dresses in different prints and colors, many of which are great picks for weddings.

To avoid showing too much skin, pick up a cardigan or blazer at a discount juniors clothing store to wear with this girls fashion pick. If you are feeling adventurous, layering snug teen shirts over maxi dresses creates a dramatic girls fashion statement. Find a neutral-colored teen shirts in discount juniors clothing lines to wear over bright maxi dresses for balance.

Loose Teen Shirts

Nothing is worse than sweating in thick fabric during a summer wedding. Fix the problem beforehand by perusing discount juniors clothing lines for the loose teen shirts that are so popular in summer. Often made with gauzy overlays, these teen shirts come in pretty prints and colors that make a great girls fashion pick for summer weddings.

If you want to go with flowy teen shirts, be sure to wear a well-fitting bottom to balance out your silhouette. Discount juniors clothing lines have plenty of slacks and skirts that will do the job. For a distinctive girls fashion statement, browse discount juniors clothing options for teen shirts featuring unique prints, such as zigzags.

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